Abby Sierros

March 2013, Forgtmenot

Day Dream Believer

When did you move to NYC?

I spent two hot summers in New York City – in ’95 & ’96 – and then moved here permanently in January of 2002.

What has been one of your prouder moments here?

I’m not any more proud of one specific accomplishment or milestone I’ve marked here, than I am of the actual decision I made to drive to this city, alone in a U-Haul, without a single friend awaiting me, and with only  $117 in my pocket. I’m proud of the entire journey thus far, and the guts that I had to embark on it. Everything else has been a result of that. I’ve said YES to everything — and then figured out the “how” later. That approach literally drove me here, and is what has worked for me ever since.

When was the last time you felt scared?

I feel scared every single day. Not a crippling kind of fear… But the kind that gets you out of bed and keeps you plowing through the rain, the pain, the days with no money, the days when everything is on the line, the days when it’s too hot, too cold, or generally uncomfortable and everything seems impossible. This city can scare the shit out of people. Living anywhere else in this country – that’s much scarier to me… And that’s the fear that drives me.

And lastly tell me about your travels.

My first taste of real travelling – I mean, beyond the States – happened in 1995, when I was 21. I had been “discovered” (hate that word) in Boston by a photographer, and taken to NYC to meet with the agencies.  After that, came a series of extended-stay trips to London, Tokyo, Athens… And winters in Miami Beach. I never amounted to much of a model, but I fell so hard and fast in love with traveling.  When I was 25, and back living in Boston, I worked for a company that booked custom adventure travel packages. This was before the days of online-ticketing and one amazing perk of the job was that we could get travel agent rates for plane tickets!  I remember I was able to take my brother to Paris, as a graduation present, for some ridiculous amount like $75.  Since then and since I moved permanently to New York, I am lucky to have made friends from around the world, and thus been able to visit or travel with them. I’ve never felt more in awe of the world than the nights I spent sleeping in a tent under the African stars. And drop me please again in any of the white villages of Andalusia. My travels are my dreams that have come true and the SINGLE BIGGEST REASON I work so hard – so I can re-live them again.


Abby is smart and quick.  Alongside her husband, Paul and their good friend Adam, she owns and runs Forgtmenot on Division Street.

If you didn’t know Forgtmenot was there, you probably wouldn’t know it was there. Like Abby it seems almost a secret but also an important fixture of New York’s new vibe of let’s take things slow and get to know one another – rather than the, it’s now 7am and I forgot your name lifestyle many downtowner’s have practiced.

Abby is the kind of woman who people are interested in knowing and being around. Quite frank in most circumstances, she will tell you just what she is thinking about you, him, her and that guy over there. These are good qualities, I’ve decided. She has an openness that is refreshing and also exciting.

If I said Abby was a bit of witch I’d like you know I mean that in the best way possible. I like magic and think she’s the kind of person who subscribes to it. We met at Forgtmenot – and truthfully I won’t ever forget her.

- Jen