Anastasia Ehrich

Fall 2012, Orchard Street.

Local Girl.

Tell me about your best friend. Tell me about your favorite street corner in New York City.

“Lucky to have many close friends! But my sister takes the cake. We have never really been much a like – looks or otherwise – so we grew up as friends, instead of competitive siblings.”

What is your favorite street corner in New York City?

“My favorite street is  currently Guersey Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn – where the trees arch over and is on my bike route to Chris’s!”

What would you tell your younger self about work and growing up?

“Well I am still pretty young… Workwise so far life has been great, as far as growing up – say yes to everything.”


When I met Ana we didn’t necessarily hit it off.  Our exterior versions of ourselves are completely opposite and although in some cases opposites attract, it’s not always instant. Once I got to know Ana I was happy to discover her genuine personality and character.

It was the Summer of 2010 at my Ridge Street apartment, maybe a weekend day. It was hot. Ana walked in to meet Tessa, my close friend and then roommate. Ana had just returned from Colombia where she worked as a producer on an independent film and Tessa and Ana were happy to see one another.

I remember very distinctly, she walking out of the apartment after changing into Tessa’s red Dolce and Gabbana short and tight dress… I thought, “Wow- what a babe.”  Ana is beautiful, that’s for certain, but her heart and empathy for others supersedes her clean face and surfer bod.

The most specific example of this are her actions during and after Hurricane Sandy. When the storm hit I was living in Chinatown with my boyfriend, Ben. That night I saw the sky turn purple and then all the lights went out. I hadn’t ever witnessed anything like what I saw during the post sandy blackout and maybe I will never again but until that happens, repeating, “that was wild” is the exact truth. After five nights and days without power, cell phone reception – you know the deal – we walked to Anastasia’s apartment in East Williamsburg. Ana cooked dinner for a slew of hungry friends and that evening decided to go to Rockaway to help with the clean-up. She let Ben and I  stay in her room for the night. Ben was sick and when we went to buy him NyQuil from the bodega she checked the expiration date.

The very next day Ana was with the relief force in Rockaway Beach. She and her boyfriend, Chris, spent last summer renting a beach apartment, and I think it was the relationship and experience she had out there that really drove her to be as hands-on as soon as possible.

Ana works hard – which is why I asked her about work. The idea of work is daunting to some but Ana is the type to embrace this notion – she is strategic and has fun with work.

I look forward to a new summer with Ana and the beach.

- Jen

Surf chick, master chef, gracious host: Anastasia is drama free and happy with the little bright things in life. We became close while working in a hot dog stand on the Rockaway boardwalk.  I won’t delve into how impressed I am with her Rockaway relief work because Jen cleaned that up quite well, but I will say that there is something quietly impressive about Anastasia. She’s an observant supporter and though she definitely isn’t the kind of person with career goals and a five year plan, her vision of a life filled with good friends, interesting travel, and great stories is quite beautiful. She is well suited to work for Creative Exchange Agency, helping artists fulfill their visions.

Next time you see her ask about her spirit animal. It’s a good story.

- Anna