Brie Welch and Jennifer Williams
Brie and Jenn

January 2014, Jack’s Wife Freda

Jenn and Brie for Girls I Know

Friends forever, Jennifer Williams and Brie Welch are chameleons, my favorite kind of human. F*&$ the term “slashie”, if we allow ourselves to be all the things we’re good at happiness will surely ensue, right? (disclaimer: opinion). Jenn and Brie are and have been DJ’s, models, actors, entrepreneurs, designers, writers, stylists, dreamers, and most recently Brie became Fashion Editor of Garance Doré and Jenn became a mother!

If you haven’t already, meet Jenn and Brie.



You remind me of a modern day version of Audrey Hepburn.. Have you heard that before? If not, do you ever get any other ‘you look like.. ‘

“That is the first thing Jenn’s dad mentions anytime anyone else is around. It could be worse! Recently I’ve also gotten Ronney Mara. Girl on Barbie box maybe? Wink. True story. I’ll send you the photo.”

Can you remember the last time you screamed?

“I never scream.”

Your shoes are always perfect. Who are your favorite designers or better yet which are your favorite pairs?

“I love Prada (for brogues/lace ups), Balenciaga (flat boots!) and Margiela (heeled boots, I have 3 different pairs).”

When is your birthday? Do you like or believe astrology? (Tomorrow is a full moon)

“February 4th. Aquarius. Rarely do I follow horoscopes, less when i am entering into a relationship to see if we are compatible. However, I do seem to get on well with air signs as a general rule.”

What do you think about falling in love? (These are such random questions, I know.. If you don’t feel like answering, don’t! But.. I’m curious, so do tell!)

“Some people fall faster than others is what I think. Its in their DNA perhaps, but also, they likely really want to fall in love and so it is easier.”


Do you have a favorite flower? Why?

“I really like full white flowers with strong scents like peonies, Gardena and white roses. The remind me of walking up to the house I grew up in.”

2014 feels new and pretty unassuming. Where were you when the clock struck midnight?

“I was watching the fireworks explode over Central Park with my whole family. Had a glass of champagne, played some Rummy and passed out with my daughter and husband by 12:15. The least crazy year yet but I can remember it best :)”

Your daughter is beautiful. What is her full name? How would you describe her personality?

“Oy! Her name is Alyx (pronounced Aleeks) Alaïa Lynn Peekaboo Williams.

Her personality is magical. She is smiling and coo-ing nonstop. She has very simple needs and I am learning more about them to keep her as happy as possible. She is a dream come true.”

You’re top three dancing songs. Go!

“That’s so hard! I never even know the names of the songs I love, just who sings them. So in that case, all Smiths songs even if they seem un-danceable. Cheesy techno pop like Swedish house mafia and Calvin Harris and of course every song Been Trill plays during a DJ set.”

You’re all-time favorite job..

“Is actually the job I have now, designing clothes and owning my own company, Edith A. Miller!

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