Callie Barlow
Greenpoint, BK – March 2015

Your mom looks like a gem and a serious beauty. Where is she from and can you name/list three lessons or bits of wisdom she’s shared with you?

She is both of those things. Her parents came to the states from Northeast India in the 50′s and she grew up between Colombia and New Orleans. Very multicultural. She is a beacon of intuitive wisdom – something that can’t really be taught. She was also strict, which I’m thankful for now. I had mandatory childhood summertime book reports, which I abhorred, but it’s probably why I have any sense of discipline now. She’s full of Indian common sense and helped me understand how to preserve or share my energy.


What makes you most excited about your work? Or what about creative production gets you going? (For me, it’s picking up film after it’s been processed or finding emotion in work).

I enjoy complete immersion and feeling equally challenged and inspired. There is a great reward in seeing progress so it’s important to be a part of the creative process from early conception until completion. One of the best things about production world is meeting people (or finding people) and jumping into a project together and ending up in some strange hawker center in the middle of Singapore eating 20 chicken and rices and drinking Tiger beer at 7am before you film a kid who does handstands on the edge of 1000ft buildings.


What’s your classic and ideal weekend MO?

Juice, coffee, delicious cooked breakfast (necessary morning nourishment), then going on a weird New York adventure. There are so many amazing neighborhoods with insane food – like street meat and weird malls in Flushing! The best weekends are centered around food and being with the people you love and staying open minded to whatever the day has in store.

 If you were an animal what would you be?

Monkey. I have been this way since I was a child. I like to climb things and am slightly mischievous in the harmless way that monkeys are (?). I also just kind of look like one (illustrative pic below).

And lastly, where are you from and what about from world have you carried into adulthood? 

I’m from a place where you can feel people’s histories and dreams hovering in the moist air. The muggy streets are overpowering and intoxicating and one is usually intoxicated when roaming said streets. Beautiful New Orleans. Not really the same after Katrina, but will always be a magical place for me. It taught me how to be nice or leave (shout out to Dr. Bob).



With big brown eyes and so much spirit, Callie Barlow is fascinated by people and their lives – the gritty sides, the wild, the reeling, the diverse. We are drawn to Callie and her work based in and on other people’s idiosyncrasies. At an even and thoughtful pace, Callie is producing new work that evokes a very special and often unsettling feeling. Her photo series of exotic dancers translates an important and undeniable reality, one of which only few could capture in an authentic, revealing and mature capacity.

Meeting Callie was fun too. We met on the set of a job for a major Japanese retailer. Cast as “models” we sat around for most of the day, kept on the side because we filled out denim a little more than our tall beaut colleagues for the day. In other words, we were alternates… Or at least I was. How we met doesn’t matter as much as the work we may do together in the future. For Girls I Know, a lot of what Callie conceptualizes fits our aesthetic and talks to collaborate are in the works and we can’t be more excited. Her genius eye will be an incredible addition. - Jen