Chelsea Schuchman

March 2010, Costa Rica.

Daydream believer.

When was or tell me about the last time you felt shy.

“I cant remember the last time I felt shy because I’ve learned not to over think the situation that I’m in, I just take things as they come . That way I don’t really get nervous or shy.”

Picture 13

There is much to love about Chelsea. We met in Costa Rica and I immediately developed a crush on her.

She was perfect to shoot, it was on this trip that I decided to create a project based on girls I knew. Chelsea was my initial inspiration for this.

I remember noticing how smart she was, she truly holds her own as a model and young woman. In Costa Rica we stayed on the Pacific side of the country and shot Chelsea for two stories, one fashion and one beauty, this was by far my most favorite adventure working with Cosmopolitan.

- Jen