Christelle de Castro
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March 2013, Wooster Street.

My New York Mama

Do you believe that things “happen for a reason?”
I used to be a HUGE believer in fate, and this idea that “things happen for a reason,” but lately I’ve been reworking these ideals for myself.  I believe in energy and the stars, and do believe that people are often times cosmically drawn to one another.  However, I’m making a new effort to be a little less romantic about the ways of the universe.  In line with “things happening for a reason”, I used to think that everything happened in it’s own time.  But I’m beginning to realize it’s not always about waiting for “the right time”, it’s about making the time.  And really approaching every project, relationship, situation with intention & good purpose.  And don’t get me wrong, I don’t like being less of a romantic.. but somehow I think I’ll be more productive this way?
How much value do you place on preparedness? Would you rather know what’s coming or be surprised?
Professionally, I ‘m a prepared person. Everything outside of the work world can wind up being a shit show, no matter how prepared you think you are. As far as surprises, right now, I absolutely hate them. Unless it’s Publisher’s Clearing House coming to my door with an over-sized check for a million dollars, I’ll pass on the surprise.
Christelle is the only Christelle I’ve ever met. Not her name actually but her personality. Like, there are girls that are great and cool but it wouldn’t be that unusual for them to remind you of somebody else you know. This babe is an island all her own in the best way possible. I thought about trying to describe her style but it’s impossible. Something between Japanese punk, ghetto goth, biker babe, and Maddox Joli-Pitt. I thought about talking about what she does (she’s a photographer) but her style is indistinct in a creatively full way – she can hit Kawaii cute, intimate tender and grungy Daria. She’s a pretty enigmatic human but not in an unapproachable way – just hard to describe for Girls I Know!
Christelle used to be the Director of Photography for Opening Ceremony’s e-commerce site and we met on the seamless. She’s still my favorite photographer to shoot with (sorry Brayden, you’re a close second!) even though it’s been years because she makes everything so fucking fun. She will  forever remind me of my early days in NYC when I was basically a child and ate a bag of gummies everyday but she’s also someone who will keep inspiring me to move forward, work hard, and never give up on the important stuff.
- Anna