Clancy McCarty
Picture 6

October 2012, Bond Street


 Tell me about your last dream. Asleep and awake.

“Hopefully I’ll have a dream tonight. Honestly it’s been either marathon nightmares or beating boys at their own games.

As for my dreams in life/daytime? To be happy. My understanding of happiness is developing every day. To understand peace and love and those definitions have changed a lot, and not in ways that I need to make compromises”

Picture 13

My first encounter with Clancy McCarty was in 2008 at Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte’s Halloween party. She was dressed as Penguin from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns and it was the most elaborate and accurate costume I’d ever seen. Coming from Virginia, I was used to girls deconstructing familiar icons into half-clothed renditions that showed off legs, breasts, and stomach. Clancy was the ugliest thing I’d ever seen and I was totally unsure of her gender. Covered in blood, her prosthetic nose was huge and her pillow-stuffed belly was definitely not sexy. I have since seen many Halloween versions of Clancy (Jonathan Davis from Korn, Marilyn Manson) and they are all amazing, well executed and exemplify what I absolutely respect about her. She is ambitious, smart, hilarious, has good taste and doesn’t care about doing what other people expect.
Working as a project manager for Every Mother Counts, Clancy gets to travel the world, engaging people in the discussion about preventative health and wellness for mothers. Right now she is either in Haiti helping pregnant mothers or hiking Kilimanjaro (seriously).
- Anna