Claudia Wu
claudia wu

 19th street. July, 2013

2 Cherries

When was the last time you were surprised?  (by something, someone, good, bad…anything!)

“I was surprised by the positive reaction and the reach Kerry Diamond and I were able to achieve with Cherry Bombe. For a long time, all I was concerned about was how to get it done and shipped to the printer. And then we were in distribution mode. So it’s great that people seem to like it.”

I loved hearing about your career path and how you’ve created your own magazines, Me Magazine and now Cherry Bombe with Kerry Diamond. What three qualities do you think are most important when executing a new plan or project?

“I’d like to say that I start new ventures with a plan, but I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of person. I think you should go into something for the right reasons, collaborate with the right people, and of course, put the time and work in to get things done. Everything else tends to fall into place.”

Tell me about where you are from and how you got to New York. Curious also, do you have a memory of your first home?

“I was born in Canada but don’t remember the apartment my parents lived in there. We moved to the suburbs of New York when I was a baby. I have vague memories of the first house house we lived in. I remember sharing a room with my brother, my parents red VW bug in the driveway, and waiting at the end of the driveway for the school bus.”


Claudia Wu and Kerry Diamond (sound like superheros, right?) have created a new magazine called Cherry Bombe. In their editor’s note on the first page of the first issue reads “The mission? To celebrate women and food, those who make it, grow it, serve it, sell it, style it, enjoy it and everything in between.” I am so down with this.

You’ve probably heard your friends or others say, “Let’s start a magazine, let’s do this or that” and it never happens… Well, these women make it happen and it’s not the first time. Both Claudia and Kerry come from a magazine background and both are incredibly creative. I met Claudia for ice cream to hear more about the women behind this new celebration of food, women, and culture. She says she is happy we like the magazine. We look forward to more.

cherry bombe