Dagny Wilson
Picture 9

Fall 2009, Ridge Street.

The authority on flowers and people, tattoos and love.

Where do you consider home?

“My home is for sure with my dogs.

But, the most real home feeling I ever had was in Florida with my Dad and Yasmeen. We lived in a wooden ranch style house it was yellow under live oak trees covered in moss. We had orange and grapefruit trees.”

Picture 13

I met Dagny on her porch in Bridgehampton. That summer we sat together for hours talking about our travels, hopes of more travel, sex, tattoos and flowers. At the time and still today, she lives with two guys, Tripoli and Johnny.  That Summer, Johnny and Dagny started dating, secretly!

Dagny knows how to love. Her intellect and life experience affects her in the most beautiful way and influences everything she does. Dagny is a caretaker of an East Hampton estate, a role she inherited from her father. Her hands reveal the truth of human and flower.

I am continuously surprised by Dagny’s ability to be incredibly honest and generous. Soon, Dagny will be a mother and I look forward to meeting her and Johnny’s baby girl!

- Jen