Dana Veraldi
Deer Dana

May 2013, Dana’s Studio

D A N A  V E R A L D I

Tell me about your family, what are they like?
I am very close to my family ! I have a younger brother, Robbie, who is 13. He just grew taller than me and is going into 9th grade next year. He is the best. My sister is 25 and lives in NYC so I am lucky to see her a lot. My older brother, Jay, lives in LA. He is pretty bi-coastal so I get to see him a lot too. We all have a good time together. I am the middle child and often end up being the mediator. My mom and stepdad live outside of Philadelphia and my Dad and Stepmother live in upstate NJ. Due to two second marriages I am blessed with 4 grandmothers! And a million cousins. I love them all dearly.
What is your first New York memory?
Coming into the magical city with my Dad and family over the winter holidays – seeing the Rockettes at Radio City and my Uncle Robert who was then a young, brand new NYPD police officer (he’s now a little bit older).
What makes you interested enough in a person’s character to draw them? Also, what makes a face recognizable? 
I draw people that I admire and care for. I love to draw hair (head and facial) and glasses. Teeth are hard for me. Eyes are the first feature I notice. And eyebrows.
Do you sing when no ones around? If so what do you sing!
Yes I do sing! Usually alone or with my sister :) I like to sing in the morning – my playlist now is “Treasure” by Bruno Mars, the Glee version of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know”, Miguel, and The-Dream.
You’ve got a new studio, and new plants is there anything else that is new for you?
Just got a new haircut. Working on some new designs with my Deer Dana partner, Kevin, of John Baldessari, Kate Bush, and a few others! I also have a new kitten, Frankie.
Dana is friends with everybody. All the boys and all the girls get along with her and it’s easy to see why. She’s warm, funny, quick, so generous, and refreshingly open. No eye-rolling, jaded NYC vibes here. And if you can’t tell by the success of Deer Dana, her intuition and creative talents are totally on point.
- Anna
I like what Dana creates, the things she says and how she views the world around her – a grand and curated city of people looking right at you from white cotton tees.
I realized Dana is an excellent story teller when recently she recounted her adventures in voting. In the last election she rented a car with Thom, a mutual friend of ours and had a large foamboard Obama head made. All the way to Philly, Obama’s eyes looked forward out the sunroof.  Hooting and hollering to the voting station, Dana and Thom made their presence known. This telling is no where near the charismatic version Dana related, but you see what I mean!
One could spend hours talking, dancing or creating art with Dana – and many do.