Emily and Laurel
Emily and Laurel

January 2014, Orchard Street

These Two

I found best friend fashion editors who wear matching outfits. This is excellent, I thought. Girls with serious careers who don’t take themselves too seriously. I met Laurel Pantin and Emily Holland last summer, poolside in Montuak. It was a weekend hosted by Refinery29, the girls got tattoos and wore matching white birkenstocks. Laurel and Emily, as a pair and individually, are funny, witty and adventurous. They do what they want.

Who’s your best friend?

Meet Emily Holland and Laurel Pantin. (@EMILY_HOLLAND & @LAPANTIN)



What was your first job? In life and in New York…

My first job job was as a receptionist at this technology company in Austin the summer before I went to college. My first job in New York was as a coat check girl at a restaurant. I actually made a lot $$ doing that!”

How’d you meet Emily?

“We met both working at Glamour. We weren’t sure we were going to be friends at first, but then she took me to Shred For Your Life and now we do everything together. LP+EH 4eva.”

What is your mother’s name? And what are three things she told you growing up that you may never forget..

“Her name is Yvonne Tocquigny, and she’s the best mom! She gives really good advice actually: wear sunscreen, everything tastes better with butter and salt, and the best advice she ever gave me has to do with work stuff, which is “be brief, be brilliant, be gone.” Which is harsh, but so good. I like the “be gone” element best.”

Tell me about your tattoos.. anything you’d like to or nothing at all.

“I can tell you that I never thought very much about any of them before I got them. They were all impulse tattoos.”

Fashion Week,  do you remember your first show? Who was the designer? It might be too much to recall, but do you remember what you wore?

“I can’t remember which show, but I probably wore something dumb.”


Where are you from? I’m curious about the colors, what colors prevail most in your hometown..  (for example I am from Wisconsin and right now it’s gray and white and also sometimes bright blinding blue.)

I’m from Houston, Texas. When people think of Texas they think vast expanses of desert and cacti but actually, Houston is super green. Although I wouldn’t call Houston a particularly pretty city, it has some of the most beautiful and impressive oak trees I’ve ever seen. And Texas skies are my favorite. They truly feel bigger
than anywhere else. –so green and sky blue.”

When did you know you wanted to work in fashion?

“I was studying art in LA and used sewing as an element in my work. When I started feeling uninspired in class I started making weird clothing instead of art. I have a lot of regrettable photos of myself from that era!”

How’d you meet Laurel?

“I met Laurel when she started working at Glamour. We sat in a fashion pod with a bunch of girls and her desk was right next to mine. Laurel seemed fun and a little nutty so I figured “Shred For your Life” would be a good first friend date.”

When is the last time you felt scared? Any variation of scared…
“When Laurel suggested she drive for a bit on our road trip.” LAUREL – “We went from Austin to Marfa, then to White Sands, and then Santa Fe. Our boyfriends drove most of the time. I’m a distracted driver/person.”

You travel a lot for work, tell me about a favorite trip.

“Rio de Janeiro. I was still assisting at the time. We were up at 4am every morning so we could shoot the early morning light. Watching the sun rise from a cliff overlooking all of Rio and the Atlantic ocean was really magical.”

Fashion Week,  do you remember your first show? Who was the designer? It might be too much to recall, but do you remember what you wore?

“I have a terrible memory so no I don’t remember! But one of the first shows I got to work on was Band of Outsiders. His show production is always so quirky and fun. And I probably wore all black. Always a safe bet.”

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