Fara Homidi
Picture 8

October 2011, Cafe Select.

 Fara knows beauty.

What was your last adventure?

“Doing a photo shoot with photographer Cara Stricker and the lovely Ashley Smith for Russh magazine. The location was in an upstate New York park. I unexpectedly found myself lugging my makeup kit through the jungle, getting bitten by mosquitos and other huge bugs, and lastly painting Ashley’s face and body with a mixture of water and mud from the ground. Even though the location was only one hour outside of New York, it felt like we might as well have been in the South American Jungle! After a long and grueling day…the pictures turned out heavenly, which made it all worth it.”

Picture 13

Fara is like a sister. We met in Tulum, Mexico at Coqui Coqui. We slept together actually… in the same bed.

By a partial fault of my own, our entire crew was unable to fit within the walls of the Coqui Coqui. Instead of dipping out and staying next door, Fara and I chose to stay in the same room – the fashion assistant and the make up artist. We both had all sorts of dreams those nights, and I think it was then we decided to be friends.

Fara is represented by Frank Reps in NYC and is obsessed with her agents Brian and Sara. “They are so personable, completely invested, unconventional,  and most of all really care about shaping my career,” Fara explained to me recently.  A few of Fara’s clients include LOFT, J Crew, Australian Vogue and Interview Magazine – she explains how working with great people reminds her to be grateful in the industry and in life.

We both talk about how we met and special photoshoots and working with a crew can be. Of the people you meet, it can be impossible to predict who will become your friends for quite a long time.

- Jen