Faran Krentcil

 April 2013, Avenue C Park.


You are a dreamer and a creator, where do your ideas stem from and how do you actualize them (this may be hard to answer, feel free to manipulate this question)?

I guess I know an idea might turn into a reality if it feels right in my head and in my gut at the same time. That means I feel passionate enough to work towards creating it, and I feel confident enough that it’s logistically possible – that I know how to do it (whether “it” is a new website, a novel, an illustration series, whatever).  Sometimes, that idea can be born and created in the same day, but bigger projects have to be planned out, and also talked out – you want to enlist partners-in-crime whenever possible!

But great ideas don’t usually have expiration dates. If you’re obsessed with something now, but you’re too drained by work / life / juice fasts / etc, you can wait until you’re ready to do some concrete exploring. When I’m in love with an idea but I can’t commit to it, I find some related images, and I tape them to my bedroom wall. It’s like a little waiting list of future inspiration (and it’s more fun than yet another framed poster of Holly Golightly).

What are three certainties you know about New York City and life here?

1.  The Smile has the best coffee.

2.  When in doubt, head to the Met’s Modern Art wing.

3.  There will always be another subway train, there will always be another job, and there will always be another guy. Breathe deep: It’s never your “last chance” to catch something you want.

What is your mom like? Tell me about her!

My mom is very cool for many reasons (she grew up in New York City in the ’60s! She was a ballerina! She worked for Sesame Street! She went to Grateful Dead concerts! She wore amazing eyeliner and looked like Cher!)  I love all her stories about the “Old New York.” But although I’m really good at doing cat-eye makeup, I’d say the most important thing she’s taught me is how to be a good listener. When she speaks with someone, they don’t feel any judgement. She asks lots of questions and she’s genuinely interested in who they are and how they’re doing. She treats everyone as full human beings, whether they’re a friend or a CEO or a janitor, and she truly appreciates and respects the people around her. She’s really special. She’s also hysterically funny, but since she Googles me every week, I can’t give any specifics – I’d get a phone call being like, “Did you just tell The Internet what I said about Justin Timberlake?!” No Mom, I would never…

Do you have a motto? I’m so curious…

I do. It’s “Believe the Rainbow.” It’s from a Skittles commercial. Seriously:

These kids are sitting on a rainbow eating Skittles, and one kid turns to his friends and says, “Are we really sitting on a rainbow? Or are these just refracting particles of light, and really, the rainbow doesn’t exist?” And a trap door opens underneath him, he gets ejected, and the rest of the kids shrug and keep eating their candy.  Then the tagline says, “Skittles. Believe the Rainbow.”

Obviously, willful ignorance is not a good thing in political, medical, or financial situations. (I’m also averse to using it for religious purposes or marriage vows.) But when it comes to creative pursuits, you have to trust your vision and believe in a little bit of magic. Otherwise, you’ll get so freaked out by every little thing that you’ll just stall and spurt until you’re exhausted and angry.  Sometimes, you’ve got to believe there’s a bigger and more beautiful force helping to hold you up, and instead of questioning it, you just have to say “thank you” and keep going forward (even if you don’t like Skittles. Personally, I’m more of a Starburst kind of girl, but only the pink ones).


Faran is a friend of mine. I’ve known her as long as I’ve lived here, that’s about 7 years. We met on set – well, actually it was a loft apartment in Chelsea filming a Youtube series with Atoosa Rubenstein called Alpha Kitty.

You read that right: Alpha Kitty.  When Atoosa Rubenstien stepped down as Editor in Chief of Seventeen Magazine, she discovered or should I say, created the Alpha Kitty: a person interested in the ever-changing nature of the internet who embodied a serious amount of confidence and ingenuity. (that is, at least my interpretation!) Enter Faran Krentcil, creator of and then writer for The Daily. Curls abound! A few others were also in attendance: Taylor Warren, Phillipe Blonde, Bec Stupak, Zandile Blay and Esmee Denters. A healthy mix of wild and beautiful, Faran is a combination of both.

My moments with Faran include; almost moving in with her via a Facebook correspondence in 2008; following her career path as NYLON’s Digital Director; interviewing with her and getting a special kind of resume critique (she re-arranged it like a living room); finding her in hidden corners of places like Cabin Down Below; and having serious heart to hearts about the changing shape of female success and collaboration in the media. We all want to be apart of a team, and I continue to follow Faran’s lead.

Currently, Faran is writing for Clarins Beauty Flash Blog, and AMC’s The Mad Men Fashion File and Ole!

Smart and undoubtedly strategic in her approach to work and life, Faran is the kind of person to actualize her interests and build upon ideas others may deem unrealistic.  She’s a unicorn, for real.

- Jen