Gaia Danieli
gaia shoes

August 2013 – Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Where are you from and when did you arrive to New York?

“I come from a tiny medieval town called Montagnana, in northeastern Italy near Venice. I spent all my childhood in that beautiful and surreal place, immersed into a history already gone. I love that place and the misplaced feeling it gives me every time I go back. Before moving two years ago into this crazy concrete jungle I lived in Milan in which I worked many years as art director in the advertising industry.”
What makes you feel nervous?
“Generally I would say the future. The fact that everything in the Internet Era is fast, unstable, definitively not predictable. As every ambitious person I feel some anxiety because of this, but at the same time I must confess I’m glad that everything is so accessible.”
Where to do keep your favorite things?
“In my mind only because my favorite things are my thoughts, ideas and dreams. There is no other space in which I could keep them carefully.”
Who recently have given you very sound or wise advice.
“My little brother. He is only 25 but sometimes he is wise like a grandfather . :)
He reminded me that in order to help others we need first to take care of ourselves.
It may sound selfish but it is the only way I know to really love somebody else- and a live without love is pointless. Simple thought pretty hard to keep in mind.”

Meeting female photographers is an memorable experience. They are always hard working, creative, interested and interesting women. These are vibes I got from Gaia Danieli. We’ve been shooting vintage collections for a collaboration with and Nifty Thrifty. LOTS of shooting.

Castles, really beautiful Italian shoes, cameras, love affairs and why when things don’t work out it’s usually for the better, are just a few of the conversations we have had in our short time knowing each other. Who you have met posses an honest enthusiasm towards life? I believe these people are few and far between.