Gina Kelly
Picture 33

December 2012, Hearst Tower

True teen spirit.

How can you tell you like someone when you meet them?

I am drawn towards people that are confident but have the ability to be self-deprecating. If you can’t laugh at yourself every once in a while then you’re taking life too seriously. There’s nothing wrong with being a little humble.

Picture 13

I met Gina in 2005 at Industria Studios with photographer George Holz and stylist Beau Quillian. We were shooting the 2006 February cover of Seventeen Magazine. Gina Kelly, the Fashion Director of Seventeen Magazine has held her position for 10 years, through two Editors in Chief, two reality shows, and the ever changing face of the American teenage girl. It was an honor to meet her that day.

On set, Beau was in a rush to start and I understood why. In an attempt to draw out an element of drama, MTV had us arrive four hours late. When Gina showed up I was wearing my own goofy skirt and cowboy boots with a bright pink tank top. She looked at me and said, “Let’s give this girl some jeans and heels!” She knew how to make me feel comfortable and confident and I was surprised by her empathy.

Gina is one of the most level-headed and fun women I know in the fashion industry. I’ve always paid attention to her dedication, style, work ethic and her emphasis on true teamwork. Everyone “knows” a team is stronger when working together and in fashion without a team you’re stranded, few know how to bring a group of people together into a productive crew like Gina.  I have loved working with her.

 - Jen