Heather Tierney

March 18th, 2013, The Butcher’s Daughter

Downtown’s Favorite

The Butcher’s Daughter, Pulqueria and Apotheke are all downtown. What about Downtown New York City attracts you the most?

I think I am attracted to downtown, because to me downtown is where the pulse of New York City starts.  I also live downtown, so I’m constantly entrenched in the downtown culture.  I am attracted to gritty, less developed neighborhoods like Chinatown because they still maintain that little bit of mystery.

Tell me where you are from originally? Where did you grow up and does your experience there influence your choices in the design and aesthetic of your restaurants?
“I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana.  I think I was more influenced by my traveling to other countries in college when I studied abroad in London.  London was my first taste of a big international, cosmopolitan city and I loved it.  I was drawn to the design aesthetics of the cafe culture in London as well as Paris and other cities around Europe.”
You will want this juice!
The Butcher’s Daughter opened in November of 2012 on Kenmare in Nolita. Heather Tierney decided the neighborhood needed a proper juice bar and cafe, and she was right. This sassy winter, I’ve been getting by on the Solar Power smoothie: avocado and cayenne blended with pineapple and coconut meat. SIP SIP!
Heather is smart, and in the game of NYC restaurateurs, I see her as a female leader. Recently, I talked with Heather about her three ventures, The Butcher’s Daughter, Apothéke and Pulqueria. Not a moment went by that her third eye wasn’t on the restaurant. She knows what’s up. Her knowledge of the neighborhood is on point and she has a refreshing outlook towards business.
She spoke of her brother, Christopher Tierney with whom she shares ownership of Apothéke and Pulqueria with. They are not only restaurant owners but they are also designers and have curated everything within each establishment.
- Jen