Jackie Wachter
jackie with soap

The Marlton Hotel, February 2014

** JACKIE **

In ten seconds flat, Jackie Wachter offered up advice I’d pay for. In a recent conversation Jackie called me “peach pit”, told me to grow out my hair, to keep writing, and said, “Forget about the friend you think f*&%ed you over, it’s doesn’t need to matter.”

Her approach to life is unlike many people’s I know. Her personality a mix of positivity and affluence and in any circumstance or situation, Jackie always speaks freely and confidently. She’s a friend you hope to keep.

Without deviling too far into how, where an when we met – I can tell you I was surprised by her candid attitude and almost shocked by the conversations she was open to having. The dirt and the world. News and ideas.

Jackie works for Sotheby’s. Her position enables her to experience the commerce of art, an dynamic situation when you love what your working with. If you love something you can sell it. I’ve always thought of Jackie as a very powerful young woman and I also think she exudes a certain sex appeal to both men and women. We can talk about power and sexuality another time. Till then, meet Jackie. x


First, I am just curious.. Does anyone call you Jacqueline?
“The odd person will from time to time- one ex- boyfriend did and my mom occasionally but not in a stern way like you’d expect- more out of affection. I am named after her father Jack who died when she was very young. I am sort of the queen of the nickname though…my friends in college called me Wackie (and some still do) which I loved and my best friend calls be Yackleen! I hope one day I grow into the name Jacqueline but as of now, I still feel too much like a kid.”

Where is your mother from? What’s her name? Does she have a signature sense of style?
“My mother was raised in Montreal. Her mother is Canadian but her father was from Costa Rica. She is one of the most elegant people I know- one of those women who looks fabulous at breakfast in a sinched housecoat and matching little kitten-heeled sandals- whose nails and hair are always done and smells like flowers. She is conservative and classic but never boring. My style has always been characteristically different with lots of colorful accessories I have picked up in my travels, street bought jewelry and trinkets but as time goes on I am learning to channel a little Fern. Truth be told the world would be a much chicer more graceful place if we all were a little more “fern-ish.”

Do you know or speak other languages? If not, if you could magically know another language tomorrow morning, which would you want?
“I learned Spanish in high school and Italian in college living abroad in Rome but I have forgotten most of both and now speak a hybrid which will get me the odd drink and friend but not very far in a meaningful conversation. I wish I could speak Italian fluently again and magically teleport to Rome. It is the most beautiful city in the world and the Romans are the warmest, liveliest bunch of people.”

Your involved in the art world, tell me about your favorite art, current or other.
“Jean Michel Basquiat has always been my favorite artist. I think from a young age I was idolized and idealized the 1980′s New York art scene- the funk, the music, the streets…. and Basquiat defined that area.

It is in a way both so relevant and foreign at the same time. I am moved by the sheer power of his canvases- the rawness, the passion and the creativity of expression but also by the stories that accompany them. I love that he was stopped at the airport for carrying thousands of dollars in his shoes, wore Armani suits covered in paint while riding limos all around Manhattan and threw wild parties in his loft where people ate caviar while he painted, watched TV and listened to jazz all at the same time…He is one of the greatest legends of the 20th century and he lived only 27 years and painted for 8 of them…”

When was the last time you felt really proud of yourself? Cheesey I know but humor me.
“Tonight I left work in the blizzard and went straight to a 9:00 pm yoga class. It was the smallest little victory but the minute the class ended I felt incredibly alive, full of light and proud for being there- for showing up and trying. Someone recently said to me that the party always get good just as you are about to leave, that that’s when the magic happens. I think what she was saying what an interpretation of this Roald Dalh quote but I liked the way she put it better. “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” That’s what tonight was for me- pushing myself just a little bit harder to find that magic…”

Who makes you laugh no matter what?
“My brother.”

Talk to me about falling in love.
“I went to a psychic in Providence about 10 years ago who seemed to understand a lot about me. She said I would fall in love twice- once when I was very young and once much later but it would last forever. I was of course a complete sucker for the positivity and promise of that statement but I also could see it being true. The first time I fell in love it was beautiful innocent love- the world just standing still with nothing else mattering but that other person. I remember feeling like I was moving in slow motion as everything else rushed past me. I wonder if the second love will be calmer, quieter, more real..”

That said, I also fall in love all day long- with things people, places, food, moments….I currently just took a bite of a piece of avocado toast and I am pretty sure we are in love.