Jess Hemenway
Jess Hemenway

Sel Rrose – March, 2014

Texas Jess

If given the option to build a team, any kind of team.. a baseball team or an editorial staff, Jess Hemenway would be the first to call. She is a seeker of good things, people, and projects. Her red head is as pretty as her face and her mind is as bright and sharp.

Jess is a writer and works in the fashion industry. The more you learn about her the easier it is to understand her tenacity toward trying new things, collaborating, and having fun! Meet Jess.


How long have you lived in New York and where are you from?
“I’ve lived in New York for 5 years and I am a native Texan.”

You reached out to write for Girls I Know, what about creating content and writing attracts you?
“I started a series strictly interviewing women about a year ago that stemmed from my obsession with home goods and female hustlers. It was during that time that the home goods market was really blossoming and tons of stores were adding it as a category and I wanted to introduce these women whose work I absolutely love to this retail platform. The interviews exposed me to a lot of amazing people, some of which I’ve become close friends with, and it’s pushed me to make the series continue. Girls I Know is a site featuring all badass ladies, what could be better?!”

When is the last time you were scared… any version of fear.
“Huge advocate for scaring people! It runs in my family- my brothers and mom are all pretty big pranksters. A few months ago I had the wits scared out of me by my boyfriend while I was in the shower and thought no one was home. I was actually so scared it made me mad and tears were almost formed. No one has scared me that good in a long long time.”

How do you shop?
“I rarely ever shop. When I do it is online and it’s usually to order my standard pair of black jeans, a romper or another pair of black boots. I’m pretty indecisive when it comes to shopping so I usually steer clear.”

Your red hair is gorgeous but, you say you’re a natural blonde. How did you go from one to the other?
“I moved to NYC a month after graduating college and turning 21 and was hell bent on landing an amazing job right away. That being said I was obviously super young, had a really thick southern accent and felt like I wasn’t being taken seriously with being blonde on top of all of the odds working against me. My first day at the showroom I was previously working at the owner referred to me as a cute southern belle, just like a girl out of Mad Men-I left that day thinking “sh*t I’ll never make it like this.” I’ve been a red head ever since.”

What’s your dream adventure? Dream shoe? And, dream breakfast?
“Scuba diving in the Great Blue Hole of Belize. Those sting ray Birkenstocks from Senso are pretty damn dreamy. The pecan waffles from Waffle House with a side of Mexican breakfast tacos. I really like both of those so combining them into one breakfast meal would be ideal.”