Jessemey Bank
Picture 9

Summer 2009, Ridge Street.

My kiwi.

When do you consider something beautiful?

“It catches my eye and stands out. Inspires me in some form, or is just a nice thing to look at. I can be a dreamer, so I probably save the image in my head if it really stands out and then will think about it again later.”

Picture 13

Jessemey stood close to me when we met. A Kiwi’s idea of personal space seemed quite different than the bubble of distance we know in The States, or perhaps she just was happy to meet me. I liked it. I was washing the dishes and she shook my soapy hand. That Spring day she became my new roommate.

Signed with Ford Modeling Agency, Jessemey came to New York from New Zealand to continue her career as a model and to also explore new experiences and creative people.  Part of why so many people love Jessemey is because she is a woman who doesn’t let social perceptions of beauty effect her point of view, Jessemey is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever known and she lights up a room with her unyielding happiness.

See what Jessemey eats everyday on her website (in her words, “babe, it’s delicious”).

- Jen