Jill Belsley McClain
Jill McCain

February 2013, Chelsea.

Curious Jill

Tell me what surprises you?

- Sunrises. The energy is contagious no matter how little sleep I’m starting out on.

- How much working in TV has made me a serial skimmer of words and information. I confess I haven’t been able to read a book from front to back in years.

- My grandmother’s jokes. She’s been battling Dementia and has lost her beautiful mind, but not an ounce of her matter-of-fact humor. It’s a real silver-lining.
- The red rose my husband brings home for me each payday. He’s a true romantic, and a brilliant one at that.
- New York City streets. The way the beauty contrasts the brokenness. The way every “need” is met by just trekking one block. The way I never feel lost when walking on them.
- How much I’m like my mother. How much I’m not like my mother. How much I think about my mother.
Who do you consider to be powerful influences on our culture, both directly and indirectly?
People that influence our culture are two things: bold and accessible. I think some are driven by passionate conviction – and some happen by happy accident. These dreamers and doers run a wide spectrum – from the Hillary Clintons to the Honey Boo Boos.
Jill is one of my first New York friends. She, like myself, is from the Midwest and we both arrived to New York with very big eyes.
I was initially drawn to Jill because our belief systems were different, or opposing rather, and I wanted to get the bottom of why we  so inherently believed what we did. Discussing issues related to politics, religion, identity, etc was the start of our friendship.
Watching Jill succeed and live the life she has always dreamed of has been awe-inspiring and truthfully, very real. When the notion ‘life is what you make of it’  is suggested, Jill is proof of this.
Jill is 26 years old and works as a Producer for “World News with Diane Sawyer.” She has traveled the world alongside Diane and her stories are everything you’d think they’d be: hysterical, funny, shocking and scary. Originally, Jill had hopes of building an On-Air career but after working with Diane she realized something about herself and built her strengths as a producer instead; accepting that eventually dreams morph into what suit you best.
Just over two years ago Jill married her one true love, Brad, in Peoria, Illinois. I made it to the wedding by the skin of my teeth. Late for the service after missing a flight and driving through four hours worth of corn fields, I snuck in the back and sat in the second to last pew. It was a gracious sight and I was very happy to see my friend very happy. Struck by the honest brilliance of people standing together in front of their family and friends without fear, without worry. Jill has held up to her beliefs, her words about love and life, and is one person I would never take for granted.
- Jen