Jillian Hervey
Lion Babe

December, 2013 – Second Avenue


Where are you from?
“Born in LA, raised in Westchester, New York.”

Lion Babe is your stage name (not to sound old-fashioned…) how did you or how did this name find you?
“It’s funny LION BABE is my band name but people think its just me. I’m happy to be LION BABE though. Like most things, the name came together due to a series of events. I went on a Safari trip to Kruger park in South Africa in 2010 and that’s where my love for Lion’s became more of a life choice. At the time I also changed my hair and returned to my wild roots. Lucas (astro raw – producer is also a leo) so Lion just stuck and when we starting seriously thinking about our name, “Babe” was the “right” wrong word to pair with Lion. We never looked back.”

Tell me what you love most about what you do.
“Being an artist constantly challenges you to pull out and execute your deepest desires. The pressure of staying true to myself and figuring out what I want to say and how I want to share it is what I have always wanted to do. I love how I have decided never to part from my imagination and performing of course!”

What do you think sexy means? Or who or what do you consider “sexy”?
“It’s impossible to be a girl who doesn’t think about this word, idea sexy, but I can honestly say it always means confidence in my eyes. Confidence breeds comfort and I think when you see someone grounded in themselves it is beautiful, attractive and seductive.”

Three lessons your mother taught you… Go!
“To try things you are unsure about because you will always gain something from the experience whether good or bad. The importance of traveling and experiences other cultures. The life of a gypsy and lastly to always stay active.”


I love this polaroid. Have you been to Stage in the East Village? Chester the day cook has since retired but go try the cabbage soup, you won’t regret it!

Jillian Hervey is a singer, songwriter, and dancer. She is undoubtedly sexy and confident, so much so that I like walking next to her down the street because the confidence she exudes rubs off.

Her career has just begun and it’s fun to watch her star grow louder.

There is a complete connection to the vizualition of a dream and the actualization of a dream. Dancers are good at visualizing themselves doing, their movements and action lead to the next. Her success is not a surprise.

See her most recent music video here.