Julia Jacobson

October, 2013 – 1st Street


Where are you from? Tell me about the idea of home.
“I’m from downtown Chicago (nice midwest girl just like you!). Home is the place where I can wear my sweat suits with no make up, dance down the hallway and be every little bit of the weirdo I am. It’s my zen. And that’s usually wherever Sam and Ashman are.”

Right now, what are you looking forward to?
“It sounds cliche, but I am looking forward to New Year’s….I’m not a big fan of the holiday itself, but we are planning a week in Tahoe and I haven’t been skiing in about 5 years. I can’t wait! It also means a week with two of my best friends who have since moved out to San Francisco.”

Do you remember the last person who caught you off guard?
“That’s easy. Right now I am doing non stop sales for my company from brands and publishers to investors – so I am caught off guard pretty much every day. You wouldn’t believe some of the questions or comments people sometimes make. Recently I had an investor (in the context of a business related conversation) tell me that I must be getting antsy to have children soon…I’m 28…and was talking about click through rates…ha.”

You are a incredibly talented young woman, but I can not tell for certain what you are best at. What do you think you’re best at?
“I hope that I am really good at problem solving and innovating as it’s what I love doing and think I’m pretty decent at it. My dream since I was about 12 is to work at Ideo Innovation Firm (so nerdy of me, I know). What I can tell you for certain is what I’m NOT good at, and I think that’s equally important in life to self reflect and come to terms with- I am not a creative type in the artistic sense, I am not good at following rules that don’t make sense, and I am really really bad at being concise. Luckily I know a lot of people who are great at those things who help a girl out.”

I told you I think you’re sprit animal is a deer. What do you think?!
“That makes me really happy because that’s what I always thought too- but you are the first person to agree with me. That being said I am really into foxes these days – like in an unhealthy way…I think I have clicked on every google image and watched every YouTube of Siberian and fennec foxes. So I am a little partial to my spirit animal being a fox at the moment. Ashman also looks like a fox, so there’s that.”


Co-Founder and CEO of NMRKT, (pronounced, “In Market”) Julia Jacobson is a whirl of smart and beautiful. Julia will catch you. She will engage you and listen to what you have to say. Her brain works in a dreamy but also analytical way, quite possibly necessary for that of a creator.

‘NMRKT is an eCommerce solution for blog and magazines’ – an integration of resources, media, influence, connectivity, and product. Often, when I hear Julia speak of her upcoming projects, I turn back to see what went over my head.

She understood the evolution of the marketplace and with her own devices, created a new template / platform to actualize that intelligence.

I told Julia her spirit animal was a deer. Happy to hear that, she leaped up from her cowhide rug to tell her boyfriend Sam. Success, a deer! Success, Julia.

An honest kind of beautiful, Julia is the best.


Sam and Julia’s apples.