Julie Ho
Julie Ho

Confetti System studio, June 2013

Zen Master

When was the last time you encountered someone you really admire? Did you already know them? How did it go?
“I’d have to say almost everyday.  I feel very lucky to be a part of such a rich creative community here in NY.  I admire everyone around me that embraces their passions, takes risks, stays true to themselves, and dreams.”

You work a lot but it’s fun! What do you do when you have time off?
“Hang with my dog, friends, and family. Filling summer days with hikes, beach time, movies, making dinner with friends, dance parties at home. A few friends and I have started our listening sessions again. We’ll spend all night laying down listening to music together, songs we’re into right now to songs we were obsessed with in high school. Might just be my favorite time off thing to do at the moment.”

Where do you go when you need to think? If this question has a similar answer to the one above feel free to combine them!
“Going on a walk, with no particular destination, never fails to help me think/clear my head/answer questions. And then there’s always the beach…”

What did you eat for lunch today?
“Fish tacos, guac + chips, black + white cookie. And watermelon juice all day everyday.”


Okay, let’s see. I met the Confetti System duo when I asked to be an intern and they said yes. Walking into Julie and Nick’s studio for the first time was like entering an extremely  well-done, over the top set for an extravagant play. As in the 1935 Midsummer Night’s Dream if it were in color vibes: giant paper flowers dangling from the ceiling and shiny metallic foil twists roped around everything – fantastically, florally claustrophobic. Does that make sense? It’s all a compliment. They have a new bigger space now with more storage but the room still feels so full and colorful and magical.

Julie’s style is quite understated – simple, well-made clothing and this elegant way of pulling back her hair that looks like it isn’t – but her brain is full of amazing creative techniques, grand ideas, and an acute attention to detail. And she’s so patient! You’d never guess that this explosively colorful world lives inside her quiet demeanor. There is a lot of peacockery in the art world but it’s important to remember that sometimes the most outwardly understated are the most inwardly extravagant.

The versatility of Confetti System is amazing: party decorations for your home; art installations at PS1; stage sets for The American Ballet Theatre; music videos for Beyonce, Washed Out, and Beach House. I often hear whispers of a fantasy creative
career based on rigorously following one’s instincts until you succeed. Julie is a prime example this (and Nick but this a website about girls!). Of course the work is hard and the hours long (folding flowers for eight hours will put you in a new realm of meditative introspection, trust me) but she and Nick have taken something brilliantly original and personal and created an environment for themselves and their friends to live in. And its their job! As a wise friend once told me, the best jobs are the ones you carve yourself, because you define the rules.

- Anna