Kate Neckel
Kate Neckel

Back yard at Grumpy, July 2013

Heart Paint

When big decisions need to be made how do you come upon your conclusion? 

“I usually try to chill out and not make any quick emotional moves (not easy!!). Tom (my husband) and I will talk talk talk and try to look at things from multiple perspectives. Depending what the decision is, I’d probably call my brother, sister and my parents (close family!). Sometimes I’ll ask our kids (4 and 7 years) because their perspective is super fresh, honest and funny. Hmmm…I definitely haven’t mastered making big decisions but I guess I know now to chill/take time before hitting the “send” button.”
 Do you ever have recurring dreams? If so, what happens!?
“Ahhhh!!! Yes! My shoes…I keep having this dream (twice this week) where I’m stepping out of an elevator but my black sandals are stuck inside and I can’t get them…Or I’m hanging with friends and I head for the door but can’t find my boots (or I find a mismatched pair)….It’s super annoying and in my dream I’m always thinking, “This is NYC, I can’t walk around without shoes…”
Tell me about your favorite projects, art from the past, present and what will be future. 

-Rooms 1208 and 610 at the Ace Hotel NYC (drawing on the walls/hanging out/room service!)
-Painting on the band members of Honduras for their video for “Voices” at Rockaway Beach
-Cole Haan spring campaign-I created a few big murals and was photographed (a bit awkward!)…but such a good time.
-Origami creations with my son Brec (he’s teaching me!) and collaborations with my daughter Maeve on colorful collages/paintings and play-doh cupcakes.
-Right now, I’m working on sketches for my second bedding/home collection with Bassetti. The first round of stuff comes out this Fall (mostly in Europe). I also just finished up a mural in a lovely and very inspiring NYC apartment (the owner had bought my drawings years ago and was a dream to work with!)…and I’m bringing lots of paper/pens with me on our summer holiday…time to just draw/make stuff.
I’m curious who you surround yourself with? I’m asking you, not Kate… If you happen to continuously find yourself discussing topics of interest or dancing at night with the same people, consider what happens when you make new friends. I just became friends with Kate Neckel and meeting her has reminded me to remain open to new people and new experiences.
Kate is an artist… an illustrator, I loved this drawing of lips she created so I told her. That’s how we became friends. Kate is a mother and a successful business woman in her own right. When we met to take this photo we talked for hours. My favorite story was how she met her husband,  – in a rather uncanny fashion, unknowningly he was her neighbor, actually sharing a wall were their headboards faced. It wasn’t until they met by chance at party, went on a first date and while standing out front a bodega saw a magazine with ___ on the cover. “That’s my neighbor” he said. “Funny, she replied, that’s my roommate.”
Kate’s art is magic. See more here.

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