Kathy Lo
Picture 4

December 2012, White Street.

Heyyyy, Kathy Lo!

“Where is the last place you danced?”

When I read your question I had to chuckle out loud. I was just thinking about how much fun I had…

The last place I danced was in a hotel room in Austin, Texas with a bunch of other people. I remember dancing in between the 2 beds (super tiny dance floor) and then also on top of the bed and booty bumped to some dirty nasty rap music. I think I danced so hard and also “low” that the next morning my body was so sore, especially my thighs!!!

Picture 13

Anna and I both met Kathy Lo downtown when she took our photos for the casting agency COACD. Kathy’s combination of down-to-earth attitude and fashion clout make for an impressive package.

Over a plate of sweet potato chips, Kathy explained the steps she had taken in her career up until today. Simply put, this girl has worked hard! Kathy is the kind of approachable, cool girl who has built a strong career without sacrificing any version of integrity – a tricky path to navigate in this town! See Kathy’s beautiful photographs and see why we adore her so much.

- Jen