Katelin Sisson

I think June, 2013 – 1st Street

Yoga Bottom, Duh.

What 3 words describe your current life?

transitional – exciting – grounding

Also known as ” KIND OF BANANAS”

What has been your favorite trip so far?

My Yoga for Bad People partner, Heather Lilleston and I have now completed four yoga retreats. One in Panama and three in Brazil with three more on the books for the coming season also in Praia do Rosa, South Brazil.
Favorite trip so far for me was our first time to Brazil in April of 2012.
We traveled down with a few close friends and a killer group of students.
We really didn’t know too much about where we were going. 11 hour flight followed by a 1 hour taxi ride through some relatively “out there” towns of Brazil and we got a little nervous. We had chosen our retreat space based on some recommendations, a few pictures sent by the hotel and some serious faith.
Our nerve racking hour long taxi ride opened up into a perfect little beach town set above the most perfect beach either of us had ever seen. We had found “our spot”, the home of Yoga For Bad People.
Between the group we had, perfect weather, ideal setting and some pretty solid yoga it was an amazing retreat. Needless to say, we have been back two times since and are scheduled to host three more retreats there this season.

Describe your strengths and tell me what you think of weakness. How these words are use to describe both ones psychical and internal natures?

It has always been true for me that the stronger I am physically, the more focus I have to work on internal struggles or weaknesses. It allows me more insight to work on what I may have happening personally to be present and ready for the people that need me.
Physical strength, coordination, endurance and efficiency (I see these as the goal of physical work) will always encourage the same mentally (encourage is the key word). Weakness, in both is inevitable but ideally it could just be a moment to soften and to allow others to help you.
A Yoga practice is an amazing opportunity to work on both the physical and the internal. The physical practice is designed, yes to make you stronger and more coordinated physically but to also challenge you in a way that forces you to “go inside”. To work on what is set before you from the inside out.
I’d see Kaetlin almost everyday before we got to knowing one another; I’d see her teaching yoga at friends apt, I’d see her out eating dinner with another mutual friend and then I’d see her at the Juice Press on 1st and 1st. The ‘hellos’ turn into ‘how are you’s’ and then soon the ‘stop and chat’ ends and you really talk. We got down with the topic of yoga over raw oatmeal. So fly.
For a minute, I knew her as Yoga Bottom – her instagram handle. But she’s much more than a bottom. Without knowing too much about Katelin you can see her friends appreciate her existence in their lives and that her yoga teaching method and practice is valued by her clients who are her friends.
Her shared company, Yoga for Bad People isn’t a regular yoga retreat scenario. I was fortunate enough to hop in on one while working in Tulum. I met Heather Lilleston there. She and my friend Rebecca were wearing matching Mara Hoffman swimsuits and well that’s that.
“Think: sunshine, YOGA, parties, travel, beaches and surfing.”
Go away with them. I may.