Kimberley Gordon

June 2013, Cafe Select.

Be Wild

Do you believe in magic?

I believe that magic is inside all of us, I think magic is partially what instinct feels like. I’ve been a big fan of unicorns, mermaids, silkys and faeries since I was a child…

Do you have a nick name?

My best friend and girl I started Wildfox with calls me Schmeegal… In high school some people called me spice after Emma Bunton.

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in a tiny town called East Grinstead in England. It’s historical and very very small. Right Said Fred is from there!

How do you feel about NYC versus LA?

I love NYC more and more. I used to hate it and now I want an apartment here. I think it’s very similar to LA but I love feeling so lost and anonymous here… I love that people are always out every day of the week at all times. In LA I love the vast desert base grid and the huge houses. I love the women I’ve met and the way it feels possible to make your dreams come true.

What was your last day dream and asleep dream? 

I day dream about our photo shoots and season themes. Yesterday I was day dreaming about a 70s girl in bikinis and who she would be for our next shoot. Dreams are very strange, I have dreamt many times of clothing and made them and usually they sell really well. Unfortunately a lot of my dreams end with extreme violence – I’m not sure what that’s about but last night I had to free myself from a kidnapper, maybe because I’m reading the book about the Hillside Stranglers, I love to learn about crime. I feel it sets me free from my deepest fears.


Very specifically I remember meeting Kim, it was at the Soho House for a WILDFOX press event, she said she liked my monochromatic face – I am a wash of blonde from hair to skin.  I told her I liked her! She also has amazing cheekbones. Kim Gordon is the designer and creator of Wildfox. Her blog is fun and the Widlfox lookbooks take you to a place of pure poppy imagination as if the Wizard of Oz gave you full rein to execute a story based on serious dreamlike adventure.

Wildfox as brand has grown exponentially – It’s like a sleepover with everything you want that never ends. Movies, treats, boys, cars, girls, bubbles, color and sun. I’m happy I’ve been able to watch the collections develop and get to know the team; Jimmy, Kristom and Trevor!

My favorite Wildfox (2010) tee said, “Wild Hearts can’t be Broken” do you know the movie? You have to see it. (The story of Sonora Webster, a teenage runaway during the Depression. Sonora loses her eyesight from diving horses, it’s a good one…)

Kim is not only a designer but a photographer, artist and a beautiful mind.

- Jen