Kristom Parson
Picture 7

November 2012, Seamless Showroom in Manhattan.

Something Wild Like.

“What was last time you did something unexpected?”

On the Thursday after hurricane Sandy, my water/power-less Manhattan refugee houseguests and I rounded up a group of friends to go bowling in midtown. We drove from Williamsburg through a pitch black downtown and gradually made our way to a brightly lit and shockingly empty Times Square. We ended up having the best night celebrating life, each other, finding normalcy during such a tragic time.

 Picture 13

Kristom Parson is the PR & Marketing Director of WILDFOX COUTURE. We met like most Fashion Editors and PR Directors do, via email. We would talk to one another nearly every week and my requests for cover shoots and fashion stories would rain into in her inbox daily.  In the fashion industry if you found a pr contact to be very reliable, you could almost bet she would also make a great friend. I trust Kristom and I know a lot of magazine babes do too.

At least two years went by before Kristom and I met in person. It was over eggs and toast and at the Sunset Tower Hotel.  If I recall correctly, I barely chewed anything those days, always needed to be unpacking a trunk or tracking down a box of jeans a celebrity specifically requested. I was tied to my COSMOPOLITAN job and I usually loved every second of it.

Kristom is cool – an LA girl, originally from Minnesota, who know resides in NYC. I dig her. She has since moved to NYC and works out of the WILDFOX showroom on Broadway and Spring. Kristom is someone you would want on your road trip, at the table for a poker game, or to jump in the lake with.

- Jen