Lais Oliveira

photographed in March 2014 – Tulum Mexico

Ocean Eyes

Lais, I do not know your story in full, but I am very curious and inspired by your attitude. I can tell that your heart is BIG, so to speak. Would you mind telling us a little bit about growing up and also how your modeling career began?

It was a big lucky day when my modeling career started. I was visiting São Paulo fashion week in Brasil with my mother and we didn’t have any invitation for the shows. It was my dream to see at least one of them, that’s when a security guard saw in my face how much I wanted  to get in and let me and my mom in through the back door. Once we were in and the show was done a booker from Paris saw me and asked to take a picture. Later, he took this picture to the best agency in Brasil in those days (the owner was Giselle Bundchen’s first booker). After only a couple of weeks I was in Paris for fashion week and luckily I got an exclusive for the YSL runway. Thank God! Since then everything has been a blessing in my career and life. 

Describe your home in Mexico, what do you love most about it and what if anything would you change?

My home in Tulum is my escape from the real world. It’s where  my family and I enjoy all the simple things that only nature can offer. My fiancé and I love to decorate the house, so most of the time we are working on vintage furniture, growing our own vegetables, jogging by the beach and especially sleeping a lot. We have great friends  there and we always have people over to the house for dinner and to experience life in the jungle. I sincerely wouldn’t change anything there, it’s paradise… No need for photoshop retouching… 

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What would be your most ideal meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Breakfast: A great fresh squeezed juice, my favorite one is green apple, celery, lemon and ginger. Some homemade bread with Ghee butter that I make and a powerful cappuccino. Never forgetting about some fresh berries and coconut water. 

Lunch: spaghetti a la carbonara from my love, it has to be his recipe. 
Dinner: dinner time has to be light for me, so I usually go for some soup, salad or grilled fish. All cooked at home, not only because I love but I see a lot of difference in how my body digests and also gives me a better night of sleep. 

What’s your favorite music for dancing?

Starman – Seu Jorge / The life aquatic

If you weren’t working as a model what would be your second career choice or dream?

I would love to be an interior designer. I’m already practicing on my own, let’s see how that goes. 


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From time to time you’ll hear an attentive and evocative person say, “Beauty surrounds us,” as if the lens in which they look through casts a sunny hue on the darker, complex or unattractive circumstances of life. They come out on the other side of nearly every scenario with positive feelings about possibly damaging or challenging experiences. Silver lining friends.

Lais is this kind of human and I am moved by her attitude and spirit.

If you’re able to manipulate or engage your eye to see the other side of a moment, you will see more than the adverse. The next time you have to decide between: “Will I make the best of this?” or “I am bummed about the hand I’ve been dealt” remember that this moment is – though brief – very telling of one’s character. Whether the card dealt is a flat tire, a broken heart or zero dollars, remember that how you perceive an event is how you react to it and becomes what you carry with you. We could all move forward with more positivity.

Lais is a sweet and generous romantic, sincere and creative. We met on the beach in Tulum only a year ago. Her home there is in the jungle side of the small city, not too close the now overrun beach. She lives there with her husband and their two dogs when she isn’t traveling for work as a model. Time seems to stands still there. Her home is like her. Gratitude falls off around her feet as she dances with everyone who visits.

Lias is wearing LoveShackFancy.

- Jen