Lexa Roséan

August, 2013 – in the East Village

Talking with a Witch

What was your first job in New York?

“I worked as a performance artist called ‘the SnakePoet’. I recited original poems (and works of the Masters) while dancing with a 13 ft python in a tree across from the Delacorte Theater. At the end of the show, I’d come down from the tree, let kids pet the python, and folks would put lots of money in the snake’s wicker basket. It was a great gig, until an ophidiophobic cop ordered me to leave Central Park at gunpoint. After this incident, I decided the job was too risky.”

How would you describe yourself?

“Equal parts dandy and wise old owl, a dash of cinnamon, and a sprinkle of salt of the earth.”

You love to dance why? And, what kind of dancing do you do?

“Dance is my meditation. Some people need to sit still to meditate, others need to move to still the mind. I studied ballet, jazz, tap, folk dance, country western, salsa, ballroom, and swing but my favorite dance in the world is Argentine Tango. I have been dancing tango since 1995.”

What is important about magic?
“It’s important that you spell it with a ‘K’. Magick is the witches’ form of prayer. It is very sacred and different than magic (slight of hand).”
Lexa Roséan is a friend and Lexa Roséan is a witch. Well, you could say psychic, astrologer, medium… I prefer witch. Lexa has read my tarot cards and astrological charts for maybe more than 8 years. I decided after a few of those years that seeing Lexa was more of a therapeutic practice rather than a fortune telling adventure. In a New York Post article, Lexa was reported as “Psychic of the Moment.” And, has been the professional astrologer for a handful magazines.
I’ve sent friends and acquaintances to her, everyone with their own experience has come back and said, I feel better after talking with Lexa. I remember when i referred two friends for a 30th birthday reading, Lexa told the birthday girl she would wed her high school boyfriend, her first love- a few years later I took a mental note while weekending at the newly engaged couple’s Amgansett house.
You can believe what you want and you should believe in something. I like the power of intention and the magic created when thoughts, premonition and friendship collide.
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