Lisa Bubbers
Turtle AND Lisa

Anna’s apartment – March 2014

Laugh Box

Lisa Bubbers is many indisputable things: smart, driven, well-dressed, short and good at her job but she is also, maybe more than anything else, hilarious. She doesn’t even have to speak. If she laughs you laugh, without fail. When she tells you a story you’ll be in tears by the end. You know when you laugh so hard your stomach hurts? That’s what hanging out with Lisa is like all the time even, somehow, when she’s sad.

Her head is firmly on her shoulders and she can beat all competition in her figurative occupational weight class because she makes everything accessible, fascinating and relevant. Officially, she’s the Director of Business Development and Partnerships for Homepolish. Unofficially, she’s very good at dancing.


1. Tell me about your six months in South America. Why did you decide to travel instead of pursuing a mediocre job in New York? What did you bring back with you?

“My then-boyfriend and I backpacked through Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia over six months. This was four years ago, I was 25, experiencing a major quarter life crisis, sick of the grind, NYC was bringing me down and knew I had to make a change. I felt terrified that if I didn’t take a big risk then I never would. It took some serious planning and guts, but we left our jobs and apartments, and hit the road. I did not bring back a boyfriend. After about 5 years together and 24 hours a day traveling for six months we went our separate ways, but I did bring back a renewed love and commitment to NYC, a sense of determination and independence, and an earthen Peruvian two-headed llama ceremonial wedding cup that I keep my toothbrush in.”

2. Where does the last name Bubbers come from?

“It’s German. My ancestors were from Itzehoe, and were mad hatters. Apparently the mercury they used to set the shape of the hats at that time could make you bonkers. I heard once that Bubbers was some sort of pancake batter. And the internet is telling me that Bubber in ye olde English means:

archaic – A person who steals plate from public houses.
archaic – A drinking bowl.
archaic – a very good drinker.

A bubber in present day England seems to be a nickname for puppies.

All mostly apply.”

3. You just got back from Puerto Rico. What is it about getting away that lets you let go?

“As a New Yorker getting away is essential to even a shot at sanity. I have to escape the city to unwind into a truly vegetative state. This winter has been particularly brutally freezing, and I could not get the image of crystal aqua marine Caribbean waters out of my mind. I needed to crisp my skin in the sun. So for the first time I bought an Expedia package for me and a friend, total impulse buy with flights and resort – I didn’t even look into the details – and just hit yes. It was the best decision. I consumed Dave Eggers “The Circle” in four days, it’s incredibly heavy handed and not his best work, but very relevant to my new gig at a startup and my current infatuation with tech and the future of public/private lives.”

4. What are you working on today?

“Today I’m working closely with the founders on the Homepolish rebrand, we’re only a year and a half old and putting on our big kid pants, evolving from a young tech start up to an established, trusted and notable brand. So lot’s of meetings to make sure the logo, look, feel, copy and site reflect what we’re doing. It’s going to be so fresh.”

Interview and photo by Anna Gray