Lizzy Plapinger


Photographed by her friend Kimi Selfridge

It might be obvious to say, Lizzy Plapinger likes color, and wears it well. But, for as brightly curated her hair color (hot pink right now) or as shiny and sparkly her attire, she is intellectually, black & white – intelligent, intuitive, and sharp. As a musician, she is the lead singer of MS MR, as a business woman, the co-found of record label, Neon Gold, AND, as a hustler, she’s game changer, because who can mess those chops?

I worked with her but once and after, was very curious to know more about her life, music and work.

So…I asked. READ!

THE STARWhen did you arrive in New York? (changing here, the question “where
are you from?” Paint the picture for me)

“I moved to New York right after I graduated from college (Vassar) in upstate New York. While I was at school I would come in and out of the city for shows and meetings for Neon Gold so the transition to the city didn’t come as too big a change. I was born and raised in London so this is really the first time I’ve lived in the US, outside of the college bubble. I’ve never felt like a city so perfectly reflected my personality and I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world at this time in my life.”

Who do you trust with secrets?
“For how extroverted I am as a person I can be surprisingly private and secretive so there are very few people I really trust with my secrets… I can always count on my bff Emily though, known to the world as @emmieshouse. We met on our first day of school at college and have been pretty much joined at the hip ever since. She probably knows me better than anyone else in the world.”
What led you to a career in music?
“I’ve always loved music but it really stemmed from a very early age due to my love of dancing. Growing up my dream was to become a dancer, I’ve performed and trained all over the world (mostly in Jazz, Hip Hop and Modern) but music was the root of it all. I would pride myself on seeking out new artists and songs that had a pop sensibility but were for whatever reason to underground or left field for mainstream acceptance. Once I hit highschool I started to go to gigs, collect records, live at rough trade in Notting Hill – I just became completely engrossed in the UK music scene. From 16 on I just knew I wanted to work in music and I spent every spare second working or interning in as many different corners of the industry as possible. I always dreamt of starting my own label, inspired by the UK 7″ singles scene. That dream was finally realized in 2008 with my best friend Derek when we founded Neon Gold and released Passion Pits first ever release, Sleepy Head, and the rest is history.”

Tell me about one of the beautiful places you’ve been.

“Over new years I traveled to India for a wedding and completely fell in love with Mumbai. The city, the food, the clothes, the music – just felt like it was all out of a fairy tale.”

On tour, how do you decompress? (for lack of a better word)

“It’s definitely a challenge but I just try and carve out time to be myself – my favorite activity is to go vintage shopping. I love finding the best local spots wherever we are, I have a pretty amazing running list from all over the world, and often like trying to find an outfit I can wear at the show that night.”

You struck me as an intuitive person, do you feel an intuition toward people or your work? As in, do you have a lot of ideas built upon imagination?

“Absolutely. I trust my gut/intuition implicitly.”