Lyz Olko

March 17th, Bond Street.

Lyz Knows

What do you think of NYC in the summertime?
NYC is my absolute favorite city in the summertime. Everyone is out, you can bike around everywhere, stay out all night, everything is fun because the weather is great. Just being outside is amazing.
Who do you usually have coffee with in the morning?
I have coffee at the Smile with James, Matt and Carlos. Pretty much always.
Tell me about your design inspiration for Obesity and Speed.
Design inspiration comes from random things – it’s hard to say. I do have a routine of working once I know what I want the theme of the collection to be or have an idea of what the graphics or styles should be… I kind of just sit on my floor and go through my library, then do the same thing with my friend Nicola whom I work on all the graphics with. We go back and forth for days and days and days; texting random pictures, buying new books, clips from movies. Its a funny, long and awesome process.
I know only one Lyz.
Lyz is my most favorite friend to run into, and it’s usually at the Smile or on the cusp of Chinatown and the Lower East Side that I see her. She’s a girl’s girl but with guys most often – that group of guys slightly rough around the edges and very good at throwing parties. (I think you know them too). I hadn’t seen a girl hold her own until I met Lyz.
The designer and owner of Obesity + Speed, Lyz wears what she embodies and protects; soft and distressed tees, tye dye, serious leather, some studs, and a trace of Isabel Marant. She’s hardworking and centered. I was really happy to become more acquainted with Lyz when a few summers ago, I found myself spending later nights talking about random ideas and stories at the Jane or Westway where she mans the door.
This photo was shot in the afternoon after Lyz ran the New York Half Marathon. The best.
- Jen