Maria Rubin

November, 2013 – Lead Belly


Where are you from and do you go back often?
“I was born in raised in South Florida, mostly in Boca Raton. I go back twice a year for my Mom’s birthday and Thanksgiving.”

When was the last time you were surprised? What happened?
“Such a great night. It was about a year ago for my 23rd birthday. My best friends got me drunk, blind folded me and took me in a cab. They walked me out of the cab, up a stairwell and into a room. When the blindfold came off I was in a private room at Benihana with 15 of my closest friends. It was wild.”

You, are the perfect example of ‘driven young woman’…What do you do to prepare, get thru, continue on…and… How would you compare what you’ve learn in class to what you’ve learn on the job?
“Thank you! A lot of what I do to get things done happens in my down time. I think its really important to take the time to meditate, whatever that word means to you. For me meditating can mean anything from yoga to dancing to 90s pop videos in my underwear – clearing your head is key. I make a lot of check lists and I communicate constantly with whoever I’m working with. I think that’s a big part of my whole thing – I always try to take an in person meeting. More things can get accomplished in one sit down meeting than 10 conference calls. When it comes to getting through and moving along, its all about the people I surround myself with. At MADE the people I work with are more like family than collegues, but I’ve always been blessed like that. Back when I worked with Jamie + Cappello it was the same thing – family, not bosses. The best part is most of the time I get to hire my friends to work on jobs I’m doing at MADE that helps me get through the toughest days, my support system is unrivaled.
When it comes to school and work the two parallel each other a lot. The most obvious comparison to both is learning how to respect authority and how to respectfully disagree with authority. If you can master that, the world is your playground.”

Tell me an important piece of advice you may never forget?
“The best advice I’ve gotten recently was from my friend Acyde he told me, “Make sure they always need you, always be there but never participate. Live life like a porn director.”

You have a tattoo that says “Thank You” What does it represent?
“The tattoo is on my back, on the upper right. Its a “Thank You” to the people who have my back, those who push me forward and those from my past who have taught me something. Its really important to me, my whole life changed after I got it.”


Maria Rubin is fire and she will catch you. At 24-years-old Maria has a full-time position with MADE FASHION WEEK, freelances as a producer, manages up-and-coming young musicians, and is finishing her college education (ALL AT ONCE YO!).

I met Maria on Ludlow Street, a particularly clear night (if you looked hard into the Chinatown sky, you’d almost see a star). She was standing aside a cargo truck, a crew filming a movie up the block and she was their producer. I could tell she was young (bright eyes, pretty cheeks) but she also seemed fearless in a way pronounced only with experience or age.

If you know Maria you understand what I am referring to. If you do not, I offer one question; what could you have done or what will you do if fear no longer an obstacle? There aren’t many people who have the focus or ingenuity of Maria, she’s like the Queen of Spades, surprisingly sharp and also important. Keep her near, you will need her.