Natalie Suarez
Natalie Off Duty

East Village, September 2013

GoGo Girl – Natalie Off Duty

I see you have a sister! (via instagram) Tell me about her! Do you have other siblings?

“Yes, she is my only sibling. She’s my older sister, and also my best, best friend. Growing up, she always had this amazing style of her own…and I’d always try to follow in her footsteps. My mom would always say… “If Dylana jumped, you’d jump.” I wanted to be her. This eclectic chick that kind of lives in her own little world. And she’s the most creative and inspiring person I know. There’s nothing she isn’t good at. She’s a photographer, a designer, a singer, a stylist, a writer…her blog “Color Me Nana” is what got me into starting “Natalie Off Duty.” I’m so lucky that she now also live in NYC, so we can always hang out whenever we want, and still do fun creative projects together. We’re super similar yet still have very different personalities. I’m a little crazier.”

Do you have any recurring dreams?

“I am seriously such a deep sleeper and I’d dream so, so much. But it depends..most of the time, I don’t remember my dreams at all. All of my dreams are different and change as things in my life change. They’re normally conversations with people in my everyday life in really strange situations…or just about being with people I’ve never even met yet. Then there are those super sweet dreams that I never want to wake up from.  Who knows why. Maybe there’s more to come into the future!”

Where do you shop when you want to find something no one else has?

“Back in my hometown of LA, I’d go to estate sales…so I could really dig for some killer stuff. I like the rush of bringing something dusty home and cleaning it up, and making it new again. In NYC, I’ll shop vintage for inspiration or just some good key outstanding pieces for each season. I like Fox & Fawn and Village Style as quick stops whenever I’m feeling the need for some new excitement in my wardrobe. And I really like Love, Adorned for gorgeous little jewels. But I love love how in NYC, there are so many cool little factories and designers out there, there’s that excitement in creating something of your very own. My boyfriend and I will sometimes trade shoes we design at Modern Vice, for custom hats made at our friend’s hatshop and factory uptown, called Worth & Worth. It’s fun how local manufacturers support each other. I love anything made right here in the city that no one else in the world has.”

Do you have a girlcrush?! I think “girlcrush” is another way of saying you admire someone.. or maybe you’re just crushing! For example – I’m crushing on Stevie Dance, have you heard of her? She does Shop Ghost :)

“Yes, I have heard of her! She’s a total babe, I totally get why you’re crushing!  I guess my “girlcrush” may be Georgia Jagger. You can’t go wrong with that gap tooth and super huge mouth and smile! She has this iconic look, and she reminds me of the 70′s. She’s a modern day mix of her mother and of course, my REAL crush, Mr. Mick Jagger. There are some really good genes going on there.”


I don’t think you could miss Natalie and I don’t think you would want to. I met her on set, we were shooting a street style piece for x Timberland. One of only a handful of -with clout- fashion bloggers, Natalie has serious say in what is what to wear.

I remember when it started; bloggers and girls wearing wild things on different New York City cobblestone blocks, as if someone said, ‘come to the party and let’s all dress up together!’ Natalie’s blog, Natalie Off Duty is clean, smart, and perfectly in sync with what makes fashion feel fun, young, and interesting.

If you haven’t yet followed her Instagram, do it. And, to tell you the truth, I’m bit fascinated with the evolution of instagram and fashion’s best interests, if that makes sense. I love adding Natalie to GIRLS I KNOW.