Natasha Nuñez
Natasha Nunez

September 2014, Soho


Where are you from and where is home now? Feel free to expand on the idea of home.
“I love this question – ‘home’ can mean so many different things. ‘Home is where the heart is’ … what a cliche but I feel warm and at home when I visit certain people. I love sitting on a comfy couch and talking for hours with my girls. I’m from New Jersey. I’m living at home with my mom and younger brother, Adrian.”
And… from whom did you get those amazing lips and gorgeous brows?
“-Sassy Cuban genes- I’m a great combination of my mom and Abuela”
Curious what a girl like you who is multifaceted and capable of doing well in many work arenas studied in school. moreover- who in your life do you consider a career mentor?
“I studied Fashion Merchandising Management at FIT, however the most profound learning experiences happened while I was working. My first semester in college I interned at IMG Fashion and worked under Fern Mallis. I was 18, very shy (I still had braces) and managed to supervise press check-in, wrangle insane photographer pits and clear the runways before showtime. I experienced the tail end of NYFW at Bryant Park- so much has changed. I should’ve started a blog! I’ve worked with and around many influential, business-savvy women- some serious #girlboss figures.
After interning at teenVOGUE for two years, I worked as a stylist assistant and learned the ins and outs of working on set with Aya Kanai. I experienced what it was like to work on both commercial and editorial shoots. I met some amazing people on set. Curiosity lead me to Milk Studios where I founded my love for photography and later met Jenné Lombardo. We worked together on MADE Fashion Week a few seasons ago- she’s amazing, very inspiring.
This past February, Khalym Schell brought me on as the Managing Editor at Steve Madden where I manage Social Media and Steve Madden Mag, a quarterly printed magazine. I’m honing my aesthetic through styling, casting, writing- it’s so hands on. She allows me to explore the unknown while fully supporting my vision for the brand. It’s an exciting time to be at the company.
I guess shoes are my calling right now. Karin Bereson, who owns my favorite boutique in NYC, No. 6, is one of the greatest mentors I’ve had. She made clogs “cool”- literally. I’ve learned everything I know from experience. Embracing the highs and the lows is important.”
You’re 24 and crushing it. What are some important things a girl should do and know before she turns 25?
“Work really, really hard. Don’t give up on something you love because things aren’t happening quickly enough. The internet has skewed our perception of success and how quickly it can be attained. Patience is key- not only at work but with loved ones. Be confident- people trust you and your ideas when you exude confidence.  Be kind, have fun. 25 was always my “scary age”- but I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I’m getting there. Take time to figure it out- it’s ok to have a different path.”
Top 5 favorite films…
“SO hard. But …”
True Romance- gave a new meaning to “ride or die.”
Santa Sangre- brought my favorite color to life.
Brazil (or Time Bandits)- Terry Gilliam makes me feel some type of way.
The Doom Generation (or Cruel Intentions)- I wish my teenage love affairs were this dark, sexy and sweet.

and Basic Instinct- Catherine Tramell (especially during the interrogation scene) is everything.
starPeachy pink skin and red hair.

3 years ago Natasha Nuñez and a friend created a zine called teenVAG. Like an egg yolk broken on your plate, all things girl melted to build the content of the zine. A moment of new feminism before daily visuals of “new feminism” started smacking us in the face on social media platforms. A good smack goes a long way.

With a smile you want to steal and promote, Natasha Nuñez is like a sponge full of ideas and personality, razor sharp and smart. She is currently working as the Managing Editor at Steve Madden, developing content for SM MAG, a quarterly print magazine and also keeps social media on lock. If you ask about the future she will show you her next big project- a most impressive photography show all about water. It’s expansive.

- Jen