Rachael Yaeger

Rutgers Street – March, 2014

This one.

Would you or do you consider yourself a good judge of character? Perhaps it depends on the character? I’m not attempting a pun, I’m serious. Rachael Yaeger isn’t exactly a “character” but she loves them. Aside from “hustling in the digital and psychical worlds” Rachael is ballsy, smart, and intuitive.

Her most recent gem of a project/plan/idea is the Human Gallery, NYC in Greenpoint Brooklyn, Racheal is co-owner alongside her longtime friend, Jill Borenstein. Currently, a showing of female photographer Akila Bergaoui’s work is up and it’s damn good. When fire and drive meet a wild daydreamer, girls like Racheal are made and found.


When did you move to New York?
“2009 – I got my Masters in London and came home, to upstate New York (basically Canada), and was substitute teaching for a hot min then packed up and moved in with friends in the East Village on a Friday. I started at Gin Lane, a digital agency then on Chrystie street, that Monday.”

Do you remember some first memories of your life starting here?
“Running straight into K’naan, one of our favorite artists, in Little Italy with my brother.
Yoga for the people on St. Marks, NYC Icy, Strand and McNally bookstores, Blind Barber on Thursday nights, hanging with my roommates at the time making beats (well, I gave feedback) shoutouts to and ALO. I remember one day being like, “oh guys, there’s a cute farmer’s market on in Thompkins Square park” and they responded, “Rae, that’s food for homeless people.”
One time I passed out on the sidewalk in Jersey City around noon, luckily Kristen Shea was there pick me up. It was summer when I moved here so I learned to spend weekends out east at the beach with friends as much as possible, avoiding the LIRR and getting a ride whenever I could. One of my favorite days was peach picking and pie making at Jill’s, my now business partner at our Greenpoint gallery/storefront, Human NYC.”

What’s your current dream job?
“I’m currently creating which will also be a biannual printed zine. If I can interview amazing creatives and collab with dope photographers for the rest of my life, I’ll be one happy human. Also, if sitting outside of a cafe in Paris reading and people watching can count as a job, count me in.”

Shower or bath?
“I have never had a bath tub of my own so I’ll have to go with shower. I’m probably too restless for a bath anyways, I’d be thinking of all the other shit I should be doing.”

Most recent lesson learned in, business, love, friendship..
“Trusting myself. I’m overwhelmingly grateful for my business, friendships and love combined. I’m flaky with the best intentions and I’ve learned not to apologize for the way I am. It’s all about balance for me, somedays I am super inspired and hustling in my own way, other days I need to be around people and bounce ideas, vent, trade secrets and laugh. My best friends and family are super grounded and I’ve learned to lean and ask for help. At the core I think if you’re a good person, you can only go up from there. Energy is important to me so I am working on focusing and putting effort into the right areas of my life.”

Thoughts on Stevie Nicks, or other bass-ass female musicians whose music still feels relevant. (only because she’s going back on tour and I’m currently listening!)
“I am a hiphop kid, which male dominated outside of buns Minaj or Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliott. But I do know that one Fleetwood Mac song, “players only love you when they’re playing.” I like BANKS right now, and Shlohmo is epic. Haim is good too.

What’s going on!? (You have some much on your plate and I want to eat it all up, I’d like to hear you tell me about all your projects and ventures.) Digg in.
“I ask myself this everyday and write down a lot of to-do lists! When I put up, I wrote that I hustle in the digital and physical worlds and that’s how I like to spend my time. Let me attempt to break it down in a freestyle type of way…
I really love working with people, brands, cultural influencers, that I believe in on their digital and/or social presences. I am freelance project manager. Right now I am working with Christina (, who is an uber talented designer and nail artist as well as Michael ( a long time friend and developer on launching two ecommerce sites. It’s been a process defining my capabilities and executing at level that I am confident in operating on; I think it comes down to not taking on too much at one time.
In a moment where the physical and digital worlds are no longer conventional separate entities; Human NYC operates as a collective of freelancers working in design, development & social media – as well as a gallery/ storefront space.
When I am not building websites or thinking of Instagram campaigns for clients I spend my time at Human NYC, my gallery/storefront space at 110 Meserole Ave. in Greenpoint. Jill & I have narrowed down our niche for working and curating shows with female artists. Currently we have up, our partnership with Billabong which showcases’s photos and we launched a limited edition zine together. Next up, we’re schemin on another Babe Show and looking to be in LA for part of the summer.
With the help of others, I am also launching The Working Pair, which is my baby, an online editorial, eventually print zine centered on creative couples, their lives, work and the balance of it all.
So, those three elements keep me pretty occupied. Other than that, I am reading a lot, and am trying to get my rhubarb pies in at Brooklyn Flea!