Rosie Tupper
Picture 11

March 2012, Tulum.

Rosie makes it.

Have you traveled for work recently? Tell me about one of your favorite or most memorable trips.

I recently had a week in Barcelona for work. It was in December so the city was filled with lights and decorations. I spent one evening with my agent browsing a Christmas market in the historical area which I absolutely loved. We also toured the city on a scooter! Which was a first for me. Modeling and living in New York City have allotted me the opportunity to experience a lot of firsts. I am grateful for this.


I once lost Rosie. It was quite the predicament.

At the time, I was the Fashion Assistant on a photoshoot in Tulum, Mexico. My editor, Rebecca Hessel Cohen, and I had arrived with 14 trunks, suitcases, and prop bags. I’ll never forget taping everything together in order to wheel the boxes out of the airport, or giving my email to the sweet Mexican controller at Customs – an act which saved me upon my return: He had filed the papers incorrectly, and had I not known his name from our email exchange, I would have never left Mexico with all of my luggage!
But, I digress -
Rosie was scheduled to arrive on the third day in the later hours of the evening. After our long day of shooting, we had our crew meal. This was a particularly special supper: a huge dinner at our hotel, Coqui Coqui, with everyone in the same room, and not one of us with a bar of cell phone reception.
We realized Rosie had yet to arrive, and hours seemed to have passed. I went out to look for her, barefoot and clueless about my surroundings. I ran up the sandy path to the hotel entrance, and rather frantically tried to find out whether or not Rosie had even made her flight. Three hours and many pesos later, I found Rosie at the wrong hotel two miles down the beach. She was never able to located her driver in the sea of drivers outside the Cancun Airport, so she got in a van headed for Tulum. AH!
I’ll never forget how calm she was, standing there with her suitcase under a tree, no one was even at the reception area and it was pitch black. Rosie was not afraid. I was happy to get to know her on that trip. I was inspired by her beauty but more so her rather fearless attitude. Fearlessness is a quality to admire.
I shot Rosie’s polaroid on the beach, and it’s one of my most favorite.

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