Sabrina De Sousa & Alissa Wagner

Dimes, February 2014

2 10′s

Alright, here’s what’s good, Dimes. Sabrina De Sousa and Alissa Wagner are the women who own, operate, and run this stunner of a restaurant. To find Dimes go to where streets, East Broadway and Division nearly kiss. 143 Division Street.

Inside Dimes you’ll find white walls, handmade ceramic blue and pink vases and pots, fresh flowers, a large bowl of bananas and apples, and new magazines. Sabrina will usually be within eyes-sight and Alissa, cooking perfect scrambled eggs, in the kitchen.

New faces in a neighborhood feeling neighborhood never go un-noticed, but Dimes isn’t just a successful restaurant, it’s exciting to see women join forces, create a beautiful and neat space and work together. Meet them both.



You are in year 1 of Dimes and success is surrounding you. I’m curious, what kind of other jobs have you had? “‘I’ve always worked in restaurants. My passion for food was ever-present going back to my childhood.”

Five foods only. A deserted island. What you got?

“Banana guacamole with kale chips anyone!?”

I see moons inside your beautiful restaurant. Do you believe or taken notice of Astrology? What did you do on your most recent birthday?! “Women are deeply in tune with the earth and life. Moving with the cycles of the moon remind us to set intentions and harvest ideas. I had a little shindig with friends on my bday. It was fun. Thanks for coming Jen! <3″

Do you have a lover? (feel free not to answer) “No lover, hi boys :)”

Thank you for the chapstick that one day, you make it yourself? What else do you create? “I’m really interested in herbalism. I started making tinctures for my personal use. The apothecary products was a segway from that. I currently make lip balm, rose water spray, and a salt scrub. More to come!”


I love all the girls at Dimes. How did you find your team? Who does what? “They’re amazing!! Almost everyone who works with us is an old friend. We’re lucky to have lived and worked in New York for so long – we’ve made awesome friends who were willing to come along for the ride. Between, Sabrina and I she runs the show up front. She’s so good at making people feel at home. I man down the kitchen.”

Do you have a hero? Goldie Hawn.”

What do you love to eat for breakfast? What do you love to make for breakfast? (me: eggs! to make: pancakes!) “Eat: A sunny up egg over barley with wilted kale is pretty much perfect. At home I usually laze out with making peanut butter toast with banana.”

What does your childhood home look like? “Bright, sunny. I remember the backyard mostly….big with lots of trees and a stream we would play in all day. And a poorly hung log swing . 9/10 out of ten times you’d hit your head on a tree on the backswing. It explains a lot.”

The last book you read? “The Year of Magical Thinking. Joan Didion.”