Samantha Pleet

Brooklyn, March 2014

Day Glo Trip in Suede

Samantha Pleet is a designer and a philosopher of clouds. What does that mean…? She has a wild imagination.

I would describe Samantha as a thoughtful and intuitively creative professional. Curiosity is a brilliant attribute and I find Samantha Pleet to be a very curious mind, a designer who has built a brand around an intensity that feels old and new – hovering above tradition her clothing and accessories are wardrobe staples but also sparkling reflections of random beauty.

In a strange and quite actual way, she reminds me of fog – the hazy air that floats above warm water lakes, very early on a cold morning. Call me moody but… I think you get it?


How did you meet your husband?
“That is one of my favorite stories to tell. We grew up in the same town right outside of Philadelphia, and we had secret crushes on each other in middle school. I saw him at a coffee shop right before my senior prom, I spoke loudly to a friend about a party I was going to be attending that weekend. Of course, he was there, and approached me. We had our first date the next day, and he became my prom date, and it turned out we were both planning to attend collage in NYC that fall. The rest is history, and we have been together ever since!”

What is your favorite tradition?
“Well I’m not religious, but every year I host a large sit down dinner with 20 or even 30 people at my apartment for Passover​​. I make matzo ball soup, kugel, and brisket, and invite all my friends and spend all day cooking decorating the banquet table, it’s so much fun!”

You mention clouds took a starring place in your Fall 2014 look book… What fuels your inspiration towards design, and art?
​​”I am constantly developing ideas for styles, while also exploring the world through travel, and reading about concepts in art and history. At some point themes seem to emerge, and ideas start to overlap and intersect, and a concept starts to materialize. It really is not a predetermined inspiration or story, but it comes about naturally through curiosity and exploration.”

The seed for ​Fall 2014 came from reading “Joan of Arc” by Mark Twain. I learned not only about the amazing real world accomplishments of a powerful young woman, but that her drive and motivation came from lucid visions and hallucinations, and this intrigued me instantly, as I am always interested in exploring the lines between the real world and the dream world and how they bleed into each other. We produced a short film as well titled “Visions”. Stylistically, I brought in elements of The Never Ending Story, films by Ingmar Bergman, and even Where the Wild Things Are to make it relevant for today.

How would you describe your girl? The girl who loves to wear Samantha Pleet.
“She is creative, a bit mysterious, beautiful, powerful, and kind.”

Can you recall your first memory?
“I love my early memories, the things that stick out to me most are the slightly ridiculous and random ones. Like when I had a Guerrilla at my 3rd birthday party (it was a guy in a guerrilla costume) and for Easter my grandfather wore a giant bunny costume, It’s funny because in my film “Visions” Illy Fraiture created a unicorn costume for us. There is a common theme of magic and the unexpected that shows up here and there in my work.”