Sloane Sera
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March 2013, Sloane’s Studio.

Rainbow Queen

If you could label your childhood, what would it be? Tomboy, girly girl, the kid that tried to keep every animal…

I had a fuzzy, furry, feathered childhood!

I’m an only child and every time I asked for a sibling my parents pretty much took me to the pet shop. I had all the classics: hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, exotic frogs, kittens, puppies, even a goat (and there are many more I’m not mentioning). For Christmas one year I said I would take a brother, a sister or a pony. An overweight senior citizen pony named Peanut was in my backyard a few days later. He was the town hand me down.

He was magic. I still live with lots of pets. I think it’s important. And its a good judge of character when new people come over – I have to see if they are down with fish, hermit crabs, birds and a dog. Because we are a package deal.

As someone who styles/cuts hair you see and fulfill a lot of different renditions of beauty. What kind of person do you think is beautiful? Or, who do you think is beautiful?  

I try and Polaroid everyone who comes to my place for a cut. I think I’m almost up to 300 people on the wall. I love capturing people right after because it’s so nice to save that moment in time. I love all my clients and I hope they feel rad and beautiful when they leave.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Breakfast food is best for dinner. I hate that there are specific times to eat certain categories of food. I appreciate restaurants that serve breakfast all day.

Blueberry pancakes are my favorite!

What color was your hair when you were 13?

The question should be – what color wasn’t it. Thirteen is when I really started experimenting – it was blonde to purple and I was the only girl in town  with a bob. Very My So Called Life. Too bad my school was missing its Jordan Catalano.


Made obvious by everything from her hair to her inflatable animal head wall decorations, Sloane is the most fun. We met (she had pink hair) on an Opening Ceremony shoot where she gave me the perfect high pony/red lip combo  and she’s been cutting my hair  ever since. Her studio is a mash up of teen wonder (last time I was there Freaks and Geeks was on), good 80′s music, pet heaven, and a few stickers that say, “The higher the hair the closer to Jesus.”

 This past Valentine’s day, Sloane put a bunch of us in a van to midtown where had a grand time avoiding the traditional V-Day scene at Hooters. We pretended it was Sloane’s birthday and the Hooter’s ladies sang a song, we got boobie glasses (see below), ate chicken wings, and laughed a lot. Sloane is good at spontaneous but nearby adventures- a talent that requires serious thinking outside of the box. Getting your friends  to midtown is harder than convincing them to fly to another country, but Sloane is the kind of girl you can’t say no to. Her hair is extra blonde now!

- Anna