Sofia Cavallo

December, 2013 – Elizabeth Street

Hot Tamale

Where are you from?

“I’ve always lived in/around NYC, and spent most of my life growing up in Westchester. Starting at age 13, I’d escape to the city every chance I got. I would hang out at The Strand, get lost in The Met, go to protests against the war in Iraq, shop at Urban Outfitters and Necessary Clothing (lol), check out the Prada store in Soho, and sit down at the booths inside Balthazar for profiteroles––which is pretty funny now that I think about it. I thought I was really cool and street smart because my mom had taught me to walk around the city with a “f*ck off” face and a determined stride, even if I had absolutely no clue where I was going. I also believed I could outsmart any mugger because I’d keep $5 in my wallet and the rest of my cash in my back pocket, a trick my dad used when he moved to New York in the 70s––and one that he felt still need apply in the 2000s. (I have never been robbed in New York, knock on wood.) Basically, I was the cliché kid from the suburbs with parents who were paranoid (in the most loving way) about letting their kid loose in the city.”

You said your mother throws a great party. What else is your mother amazing for or at or in doing?

“Yes, my mom does throw an amazing party! My siblings and I actually get into trouble if we’re not a/ dancing, or b/ conversing with guests. She says her kids aren’t “rancheros”, which in Spanish (she’s from Mexico) means “ranchers”, who are stereotypically non-convivial and backwards. STEREOTYPICALLY. Also no one can beat her guacamole and ceviche, real talk.”

Your most recent adventure, go.

“In South Africa last month, I went cage diving with great white sharks––it was sick!!!! That and paragliding over Cape Town; you literally just run full speed and jump off a mountain overlooking the city. And then you’re just flying. It’s like E.T. but without the bikes. It’s absolutely wild.”

Hot topic BUT What do you think about dating in New York?

“Ha, I’ve had so many conversations with different people on this topic. I think everyone needs to stop thinking it’s easy to find someone who is kind, insanely attractive to you, and who likes to spend their (key word:) sober time the same way you do. Not just in New York, but anywhere. The real problem is the illusion of accessibility: apps and websites like Tinder, OKC, and or whatever. Dating is theoretically available and culturally rampant (paging Carrie Bradshaw & friends), but 95% of the time you’re interviewing another potential love interest over cheap beers and giving the same spiel about what you do for a living, you could probably be having way more lolz with your actual friends somewhere else. A 100% awesome “partner”, or whatever you want to call it, is the exception, not the norm. And you can be defeatist about it, or you can just “do you” until things fall into place, because they will. So I vote WHO CARES and let’s just hang out with our friends, and meet their friends, and their friends’ friends, and vibe with each other till some of us fall in love.”


Sofia lives in Chinatown, is the online editor for Opening Ceremony online and without sounding trite, I think she has a lot of interesting things to say. On her living room table you’ll find a copy of Scientific American Magazine, near the front door, a pair of silver Robert Clergerie platform slingbacks, and in a bowl by the stove a matchbook with a glitter devil as it’s cover. I am hooked on Sofia.

We barley know one another, she works alongside my boyfriend Ben at Opening Ceremony Worldwide. We shook hands during NYFW 2013 and all I remember was her dope all-white outfit and hustle vibes. Last week before the holiday whirlwind I asked Sofia to meet. In the course of an evening, over wine at her place, a dive bar tequlia shot, a massive abandoned East Village building party, and late-nite burgers, I asked Sofia the questions above in person. She didn’t cloud or cherrycoat (I know it’s suppose to be sugarcoat) a single thing.

^^^^^ I’d like to meet her mom someday. ^^^^^