Sophie Auster
Sophie Auster

Tom and Jerry’s, April 2014

Sophie Auster

Without too much drama, I’ll tell you.. our first experience together included a bathtub at the Lafayette house. Neither of us naked, and no, it wasn’t a party, but we did stay late. Years later, maybe 4 or so, I met Sophie again. This time through a friend, Marya, specifically.

Sophie is a singer and songwriter, born and raised in New York. With green eyes and cheeky grin, she’s a fashion darling, her music is sexy and memorable and her voice, provocative. A note of confidence, like a cloud around her shoulders projects self-assurance, natural beauty and intelligence. Recently, at a birthday party I could have kissed her, right on the lips. I think because, I liked what she had to say about love and men… Next time I’ll be more brave. xx

See Sophie’s next show at Rockwood Music Hall, stage 2, 8/7 at 8pm.


How do you prepare to perform? And, do you ever get stage fright?

“I usually warm up in the green room backstage and I have a drink. I have been performing for so long that I don’t get nervous anymore, but excited.”

“What’s your mother’s name? Does she inspire your music ever? Or what feels like the the strongest catalyst toward the creative of your sound?”

“My mother’s name is Siri Hustvedt and she is a writer and novelist. Growing up she read to me every night before I went to bed and later we read out loud to one another. I think the stories and books she gave me have definitely inspired lyrics for my songs. A few years ago when I was still in college I came home from school and we read fairy tales in bed together. One story was about a bird with a red throat. I thought the imagery was so beautiful I incorporated it into a song that is now on my new record, Dogs and Men, called “Little Bird”.”

Tell me about your most recent adventure?

“I was doing a short tour in Europe in November and I visited Morocco for the first time. I was struck by the contradictions of being in a modern Arabic country. The Islamic laws forbid alcohol, yet it is readily available at bars and restaurants and despite a tourist based economy the underlying feeling for a western woman is still one of tension.”

What’s next for you this year, with your music, with travel, summer, life?

“I just mastered my new record, Dogs and Men, and I am in the process of shopping it to labels, so at the moment my life is a bit up in the air. But, I hope to visit my friends in New Orleans this summer, where I have never been.”

What do you love to eat for breakfast?

“Soft-boiled eggs and toast with butter.”

 Silk, cotton, or denim?