Taylor Patterson
Taylor Patterson

January 2013, Taylor’s Greenpoint Studio.

Pick Me

Do you have sisters?
I have a sister. She’s three years younger than I am. For the past eight years she’s been living in Boulder, Colorado but next week she is moving to NYC. Never in a million years did I think we’d live in the same place, let alone New York City. We grew up in Delaware and behaved as sisters do – pulling each others hair and generally hating each other. After high school I moved to Paris and she moved to Colorado. With the exception of holidays and visits home, we’ve basically remained two worlds apart ever since. And now she’s going to be living basically next door… I’m psyched.
Other than beauty, what attracts you to flowers? 
I love flowers for their ephemeral quality. When working with flowers you have to be so in the moment and aware that what you’re making is not going to look the same in even a couple of hours. Flowers open up, they move, they wilt, they die. Also, I find the anatomy of flowers really interesting: their colors and structures are so specific, so particular. The various complexities that exist in nature are inspiring and the fact that they simply just exist and always have.
Who else and what else attracts you? 

I love the patterns and colors of deep indigo Japanese folk textiles and Aboriginal Australian art. I’m very attracted to the rich colors of both crafts.


I have a favorite memory of an upstate adventure. Ten people and a chihuahua piled into two cars full of snacks, flowers, and board games (that we never played) for a surprise birthday weekend. We grilled, we ate, we drank, we played Zumazuma,* we bonded but it was before all of that fun happened that  this perfect memory was made. Taylor went out onto the sunny porch and twirled a bunch of beautiful headdresses and bouquets out of a bucket of disparate flowers. Hostess Daria led us to a lake, we climbed into four tiny paddle boats, propelled ourselves to a magical island and danced around in Taylor’s floral inventions. It was like a teen clothing store catalog but real and awesome.

Taylor brings to life all of the pretty things you imagine but don’t know how to make. See what I mean here and look at the pictures from our magical day here!

*A very fun game and a story for another time.

- Anna