Taylor Warren
Taylor Warren for GIRLS I KNOW

August, 2013 – Nolita


Where are you from and tell me about your family! Your mom, your sister…
“I grew up in upstate NY outside of Albany. Most of my life was spent in a house flanked by a dairy farm across one street and some horses across the other. My stepfather was a hardworking, intense (in the best way possible) Italian single child that now lived with 3 girls. My mom is a former (non fundamentalist) Mormon and my sister who is a whopping 14 months younger than me. My mother is a sophisticated obsessive compulsive goddess living in the middle of nowhere. My sister is my best friend. I’m pretty sure she’s bat shit crazy. We cannot be any more different. The older we get, the more I appreciate our contrasts, but when we were younger it caused many physical and emotional beat downs.”
How do you go about making a decision? Any kind..
“I am a Libra. Making decisions is an impossible task that gives me anxiety. I can’t decide on a birthday card, so I’ll buy three. I’ll carry a pair of jeans around the store for an hour, set them down and leave without purchasing. I’d really love it if other people could decide everything for me so if it all goes wrong, I have someone else to blame.”
How do you know you like someone when you met them?
“I’m a pretty quick judge of character and I have a very small number of friends. When I meet someone and we have a similar sense of (fucked up sarcastic) humor, I know we are going to be okay. More superficially…. I have just recently realized my best girl friends are all smiley blondes. I guess I need the contrast and being around someone more like myself would be a f’ing intense disaster.”
Where do you go when you want to hide?
“I feel most at ease when I am in transit. I love being in a cab, on the train, in an airplane, walking somewhere…a tram. Whatever! Once I arrive, I’m often anxious all over again. I sometimes wish I could stay on the subway for ever and ever. I don’t have cell phone reception, no one knows where I am. I don’t have to pay my taxes or talk to my landlord. I think I’d eventually start to miss my cats but escaping/disappearing is really attractive to me sometimes.”
Who is someone you like emulate?
“I have pretty extreme girl crushes. If I’m around someone or watching a film that I feel is aspirational, I’ll start mimicking their speech or mannerisms without realizing. I’m very romantic and would like to think my life is a movie. When I went to Paris for the first time, I was there for 3 months. I wore berets, red tights and thought I was Anna Karina.”
Taylor warren is magnetic. Taylor and I, like Faran and I did “Alpha Kitty” videos together in 2008. Hot damn, (#tbt) it was a moment and one of which, I blush over.

The best part of the this moment however, was that, the day we filmed each video, I brought a NYLON Magazine cover to set for inspiration. Taylor Warren and Cory Kennedy shared the cover. I loved Taylor’s expression and effervescent attitude. I had no idea she would also be filming.

Later in the 2000-10′s Faran would become Digital Director of and Taylor and I would share Talent Manager, Micheal Farkas. Funny how things turn out, or is it?

I’ve watched Taylor grow into a hero version of wispy model with lots of hair and clear eyes. She’s an actual ingĂ©nue and I admire her because she is herself.