Theresa Matthias
Picture 8

May 2012, Broome Street Apt

Mellow Yellow Yo

What would you tell your younger self, tho you are very young now, there must be something? Do tell…

“Live in the moment. Don’t lose sight of your dreams and heart, regardless of what surrounds you. Something I still have to tell myself, and wish I knew when I was younger… Is how beautiful I am!”

Picture 13

I shot this photo of Tessa on her 25th birthday in 2012.

Tessa is a mother, a friend, a sister and a designer. She works for Theory, specifically designing denim and her newly launched collection, Theory 38.

Like Jessemey, Tessa was a roommate of mine. She and Mason (her two-year-old daughter) and I lived together on Ridge street. Many wondered how two twenty-somethings would manage having a toddler around… At first, I didn’t know what to think either! Of course, I fell totally in love with Mason and with Tessa. In a strange, contemporary and great way, we became a family.

Tessa graduated from Parsons in 2011 and raised Mason through it all. Originally from LA, she has four sisters, all who are talented and wild in their own right. It’s been quite the ride having them filter into Manhattan.

I’m looking forward to watching Tessa’s career grow, almost as much as her daughter.

- Jen

Here’s a photo I took of Mason this Summer xx

Picture 34