Tiffany Pena
Picture 7

Memorial Weekend 2010, Amagansett

The best kind of blonde.

“Tell me about one of your favorite adventures.”

“I think it happens to everyone at some point.  For me, I was 22 when it occurred to me that I had no idea what the term “world” really meant.  I hadn’t traveled further than a few miles past the Canadian and Mexican borders and my only real experience with someone from somewhere else began and ended with the foreign exchange student in one of my night classes in college.  So, I left that summer.

Coincidentally my first time really “traveling” was my first time traveling alone.  It was a thrill.  I felt interested and interesting.  All the things I had done a million times before like sitting at an airport gate, or buying gum (because I was alone) was brave.  So, when I landed at a tiny airport outside of Barcelona my mind was really blown.  What the hell did I get myself into?  I was so far out of my comfort zone that the most amazing thing happened:  I relaxed.  Within a half hour I had made conversation with a couple from the UK.  We came to realize we were staying in the same part of the city and boarded the same bus.  By the time we stopped in town, they had become my friends.  It was a great day filled with minor moments that I will never forget.  We finished the day on a chartered catamaran in warm stormy weather.  The swell was big that day – so big that the water pushed up through the bow netting and soaked us in our clothes.  I remember lying on my belly with my hands gripping the net watching the Mediterranean sea rise and fall under me.  It’s funny what vivid detail is left in my mind from that day.  It was just a boat ride, it was just Barcelona.  Still – I was so proud of myself.  I was laughing so hard, screaming even – we all were.  In that moment I experienced pure joy.  I’ve spent the last 10 years chasing that feeling.  Especially in my travels.

I think everyone should at some point travel alone.  I believe that it’s in our quietest moments that we become self aware and subsequently we open ourselves to the possibilities that surround us.”

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A few years ago, as Tiffany and I walked down Houston street she said, “I’ve let my boyfriend go be wild.” he understood that wild loves have to find themselves before they can love another person wholeheartedly. Billy, her now husband and father of their son August is in the best way… Wild. Tiffany helped me know human nature by understanding necessary adventure.  Get it.

I am drawn to Tiffany because she has a good laugh and uses it a lot. Tiff has an amazingly diverse resume, having worked for big names like TLC, VH1, Net-A-Porter, Elle and A&E. She has shot the Olsen twins, Iman, Erin Wasson  and Joe Zee. Today, I asked Tiffany who she has on her client list. “The Travel Channel has been a client of mine for 6 years now. I started as a host for them on a TV series called ‘5 Takes.’ Since then I host, shoot and edit destination content.”

Well then. I dig it.

Tiffany is the best, a beautiful young mother, great friend, babe wife and incredibly talented Videographer. She sees gold and wears it on her head.

- Jen