Victoria Doucette

March 2013, The Bowery.

Counted On

Do you remember when you realized what the word beauty meant?

Late bloomer…

Like most girls in their teens I went through my awkward stage.  In my case, picture a lanky teen – big green eyes, full lips (“Who has those,” I thought?) with dark long hair –  growing into a mature and, what I thought, voluptuous body. It was horrible. I didn’t know what to do with myself.  All I did know was that the first three years of my high school career consisted of feeling awkward and out of place. I grew up in a predominately Caucasian town – knowing I always sort of “stuck out” with my Latin roots. My mom was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (not the Williamsburg you know now) – we were totally different! It was a personal challenge I struggled with but slowly started to overcome with a little help from my family and a pretty memorable shopping spree with a close friend.

Eventually I opened my eyes and saw beauty…

It really wasn’t until my senior year that I woke up and embraced myself and realized the fact that “yeah! My background is something to be proud of!” I started realizing that having my exotic look was really beautiful and I started to love being different – whatever that even meant at the time. It was a pretty pinnacle point of my adolescence and it definitely influenced my decision to study and live in NY one day. I remember going to college with a new wave of confidence and a new outlook on perception, cultures, and people.

I think it’s challenging to fight those types of battles with yourself – realizing that some of your biggest differences are actually your biggest assets. Coming to this realization was a very important part of my life and definitely helped me grow into the woman I am today.

When you go to work, tell me about what you see there.

When I go to work I see a world of opportunity. On my floor I see amazing talented people focused on their screens, talking, strategizing, and executing.  It’s pretty incredible how influential and motivating the people around you are that you have little or no interaction with. I am fortunate that I have an environment that keeps me focused and determined. I see ideas grow and develop into fundamental resources and tools. It’s important to always think about what your passionate about and what gets you excited. It easy to be accustomed to your day to day but I like to try to think outside of the box. See something a different way, challenge myself and take risks – because to me there isn’t anything more sexy than a woman with drive…


I like very much what Victoria wrote regarding the topic of beauty. When I met Victoria,  I knew I saw something strikingly beautiful in front of me and it wasn’t her long black hair or sea green eyes… It was more fiery than that.

Victoria works on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs. Dancing numbers and guys in suits, this is a world I know not much about but I do know it takes a very driven and ambitious woman to work within those confines.  Victoria is just that. I am continuously impressed by her attitude toward life – as if it was an adventure, she is almost always up for anything.

Luck, I think, is a creation not a happening. I am very lucky to know Victoria. She has a certain way about her – you know you won’t get away with anything and you know she will be there when you need her.

- Jen