Sea Blues

May 21, 2013


“When we were laying out the book we were consciously trying to mirror the way that we felt from the beginning to the end of our trip. The sequencing corresponds to our disorientation and the elasticity of time we felt as we traveled.”

Yael Malka spent 70 days traveling with her girlfriend, Cait Oppermann, around Europe and they’ve turned their journey into a photo book.

See Yael’s SEA BLUES here

See Cait’s SEA BLUES here




May 20, 2013


Photo courtesy of Meredith Shank

Thursday night, NYU’s Global Center for Spiritual and Academic Life hosted a FemSalon. Big titles for a big event! This FemSalon series was titled “Our Inner Lives: Spirit, Faith, and Action” with the conversation exploring the intersections of spirituality and feminism. The audience was full of excited, interesting women (lots of standing ovations) and the panel was made up of some very heavy hitters (listed below). The first question was “when did you realize you were a feminist and what do you say to people that think feminism and spirituality are together oxymoronic lifestyles?”

Are these opposing ideas to you? To these women, the two belong hand in hand. Tell us what you think:

Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of the Omega Institute

India.Arie, remember this song??

Chung Hyun Kyung, wise woman/Theologian extraordinaire

Maria Ebrahimji, Director of Network Booking at CNN Wordwide and author

Rabbi Jill Hammer, spiritual education director and co-founder of the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute

Helen LaKelly Hunt, co-founder of at least five major women’s organizations including Women Moving Millions

and Rev. Jacqui Lewis, Senior Minister at Middle Collegiate Church in the East Village.

 - Anna





beach + silk = good


Island Horses

May 17, 2013


Wild horses of Vieques. They own the island and the Humane Society is their resource.


The Backpack #1

May 16, 2013

Backpacks = Adventure.

Two hands free with Annebet Duvall, Senior Fashion Editor at Seventeen Magazine.

(we just did this at the copy machine- her bag is Adidas and camouflage!)


Speedo goggles, Topshop unicorn, Raleigh hotel keychain, Swarovski headphones, I Wave needles and Scratch record, Helllo Kitty zip drive, Playlists!

Boob Report

May 16th, 2013


The disco ball at Westway

Breasts! Lots of boobs in the news lately. Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy letter of empowerment, Kate Upton’s American Vogue cover, the articles (one, two, three, and many more) written in response to Angelina’s letter,  John Currin’s 1991 portrait of Bea Arthur (as part of his “acrid fantasy portraits of menopausal women” series)… Take a moment and take a second look. When considering your own breasts – size, health, roundness,  etc – notice that although all boobs are not created equal they are all are fun to look at and important to take care of.

ku-xlargeJohn Currin’s “Bea Arthur Naked,” 1991


May 15, 2013

Picture 2

Map by Canyon Castator

La Finca Caribe: Sleep, cook, swim, hangout

Belly Buttons: Get ice cream

Lazy Jacks: Drink tequila

Navio Beach: Jump into the ocean

Hix Island House: Stay in a secluded Eco architecture haven

Caracas: Float

Flower Power

May 15, 2013


Photo courtesy of  Fox Fodder Farm

GIK Taylor Patterson in New York Magazine! Read about what she likes to wear and and how it all relates to her bouquet arrangements. Much deserved recognition of a very talented woman.

To Breathe: A Mirror Woman

May 14, 2013


Photo courtesy of Frieze

Duraclear Photographic Print mounted on a lightbox shown at Frieze. Quiet and glowing.

The artist is Kimsooja and she is Korean. Check out her website for more work.

- Anna


May 14, 2013


Violence against women and children remains a serious issue. To understand the idea of prevention and necessity for help, I turned to Stephanie. Stephanie is a social worker currently living in Wisconsin. Her experience working for Hope House, a shelter for women and children, victims of domestic violence is a very real.

Tell me about a  moment that offered you the opportunity to gain insight into the world of women who face this tremendous adversity.

“Right away what popped into my head was a particular night. I was sitting at the kitchen table in the shelter with a young woman who was nine months pregnant. It was 2AM and we were talking when all of the sudden her water broke. She looked at me with her eyes really wide and everything stood still for a moment. She was looking to me to help her, that’s what was scary about the shelter. I’ve dealt with abusers threatening me, I’ve dealt with clients who’ve had seizures, filing police reports, ambulances, even death. A bunch of different situations that could be considered scary, but to me, the scariest part was when a woman looks to you to help her make decisions at such a difficult time in her life. You have to be brave and advocate for them when things around them seem to be falling apart. It’s what we, as women, as human beings, should always do for each other. We have to help each other.

I learned a lot about myself working there, I found courage that I didn’t know I had, I also learned the amazing strength women have inside.

Since leaving Hope House, I think about the women I’ve worked with and I think a lot about the kids who’ve come through the shelter. Two years after I left, I was coaching cheerleading and there was a girl on the squad who I recognized immediately. The girl had stayed in the shelter once with her mother. She ran up to me and gave me a big hug, she remembered who I was and told me that she still knew the cheer I taught her while she was at the shelter, it was the first cheer she ever learned. I had to smile because during that sad time in her life, she remembered something positive. She was happy.”

- Jen

Bea Millen
May 13, 2013
Female jewelry designers have taken over the industry. Our interview with Bea Millen is the beginning of many. We’ll adventure through the creative and business minds of the women who are leading the way and setting major trends.
Meet Danielle Yadegar.
Who is Bea?!
Bea is my grandmother’s sister name, and Millen is my grandmother’s maiden name.
How did you get started? 
My first job in fashion was assisting Estee Stanley. I was thrown into the mix and wasn’t at first sure if I was in love or miserable working in fashion, I figured out it was love and stuck around.
Tell me about your background. 
I had my heart set on a career in-house somewhere. I took a temporary position at Ranjana Khan, sublet an apartment and made my way to NYC. While having drinks one night at Cipriani, I met Rebeca Hessel Cohen who at the time was the Senior Fashion Editor at Cosmo, and we totally hit it off. She made an introduction to Michelle McCool, the Fashion Director, and long story short I wound up with a job as Associate Fashion Editor. It was totally one of those things that only happens in NYC.
My dad is in the jewelry business – he specializes in rare colored stones – so I was really brought up in the business. When I left Cosmo and moved back to LA, I had envisioned taking a month or two off before I started working again. That plan didn’t last long. I’m not very good at sitting still and I wound up tagging along with my dad on the regular.
My friends tell me they always knew that eventually I would find my way to jewelry but Bea Millen was started very organically. I designed a few pieces for myself and people started stopping me to ask where they could find the piece I was wearing and from there the line was born.
What is your favorite piece? 
My favorite piece at the moment is a necklace with a micro pave airplane.
What inspires you to create jewelry? 
My clients definitely inspire me. I often design with one person in mind.  For example, if I know someone always wears her grandmother’s ring I find myself creating a piece to be worn along side it. The pieces I have already made tend to inspire me a lot too, I find myself making things that I want to wear together.
And who are the other jewelry designers you love? 
I love Julius Cohen. They are master craftsmen, and make beautiful, thoughtful jewelry. It is a family run business started by Julius and now his daughter and son-in-law run it, his granddaughter now works with them too. They are some of the coolest most talented people around.
Kristom’s May Mix

May 13, 2013

Kristom Parson is a GIK girl and every month since we’ve know her she has generously sent a playlist of beats and treats. JAM.


Gold (Moon Boots Remix)
Little Boots
Beat Beat
Disclosure ft Eliza Doolittle
You & Me
Isaac Tichauer
Take Over You
Tea Leigh & Luke Reed
Color Theory (Pleasure Curses Remix)
A Stranger Love
Tryin To Be Cool (RAC Mix)
Black Light Dinner Party
Lift Away

It gets better! Download it. x


April 25 2013, Donna


Meredith Shank took this photo. Jen is wearing Victoria’s white skort and I’m wearing Jen’s Friend of Mine dress. Sharing clothes, sharing memories.

- Anna


Meet the Bookings Directors. These women scout, cast and book the SUPER BABES for ALLURE, TEEN VOGUE AND SELF. Takes one to know one, I’d say.


Where are you from?

Sandra: London, England.

Ro: I’m originally from Manila, but grew up in Philadelphia and have been in NYC for over 20 years.

Lara: I grew up outside of the city in NJ in a town called Short Hills. If someone has heard of it it’s usually because there is a great mall there.

What do you do for work, for fun, when you’re sad?

Sandra: I am the Booking Director at SELF. I love to cook. It’s a great stress reliever. I love to throw dinner parties and cook for family and friends. It’s a fun way to share your passion with others.

Ro: For work, I’m the Bookings Director at Allure (duh, haha!) For fun, I snowboard, play guitar, go to concerts and movies and hang out with friends. When I’m sad I’ll watch funny (or what I call my guilty pleasure) movies and listen to my iPod.

Lara: I love to go for a run in Central Park. Road trips outside of the city. The beach. Skiing. I am the Bookings Director at Teen Vogue.


Sandra Wilson Hess

How do you dance?

Sandra: Right now I’m a little over 8 months pregnant so I like to dance and sing to my baby. I’m hoping he or she will recognize the songs when they are born and want to dance to them too.

Ro: Not really sure how I dance, haha! I love going to 80′s night at Pyramid Club with friends, so 80′s music usually makes me dance. I’d like to think/hope I can dance like Molly Ringwald does in that dance scene in The Breakfast Club. But I probably don’t.

Lara: Like Elaine from Seinfeld – I really have no rhythm. It doesn’t stop me from trying though. I attempt to dance to anything . The Grateful Dead , Beyonce.
Ro Penuliar
Who are your most favorite girls? Models you have worked with or will work with!
Sandra: My favorite models right now: Candice Swanepoel, super versatile model with the ability to cross over from commercial to cool editorials. She would also have to be the model I have loved working with thus far. I recall pushing to get her booked for a Cosmo fashion editorial. Sweetest girl and really knows how to model. She will have a long career. Also, Anais Mali, such a delicate beauty. Crystal Renn – yeah! for curvier girls and for her ability to reinvent herself over and over.
Ro: I have so many favorite models right now, but I’ll just pick one who’s my ultimate model crush: Cara Delevingne. I absolutely adore this girl. She’s beautiful, funny and versatile. Loved working with these models: Edita, Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn, Frida, Sui He, Eniko, Constance Jablonski, Doutzen, Catherine McNeil, Karmen Pedaru, Liya Kebede (I know there’s more!) And I’m going to go old school, since they were girls I represented back in the day, love working with Linda Evangelista, Amber Valletta and Cindy Crawford.
Lara: I think Arizona Muse is such an amazing beauty! Probably my overall favorite model. For new girls Yumi Lambert and Ondria Hardin.
Lara Bonomo
How did you all meet?!
Ro: Lara and I were going over this and we’re pretty sure we met at a bookings editors dinner that a very dear friend (who was an agent at Marilyn models) set up sometime in the early 2000′s. His name was Michael Ross and he passed away in 2011 at much too young an age. I miss him every day. Sandra and I met at a more impromptu and smaller bookings drinks/dinner about 5 years ago. I think it was at Puck Fair in Soho.
Jen: My favorite thing about Sandra is her beautiful gap tooth smile! For about two years we worked together at Cosmopolitan before Sandra moved on to SELF. She would often wink at me and suggest I start my own website. Ro, I found at Forgtmenot on Division Street. Good find. And Lara, I met this day. I wanted to bring them all together – they know beauty.
Photos and Interview by Jen
Super Babes

April 29, 2013

Babe collage ss

All the babes clockwise from top left:

Farrah Fawcett, Tilda Swinton, Julia Nobis in RUSSH Magazine, Mijo Mihaljcic in Vogue Netherlands, “Portrait of a Girl (Sophie Gray)” by John Everett Millais, Gloria Steinem, Cindy Crawford, Celine Van Amstel for Glamour Netherlands, Diane Kruger, Verushka, “Judith 1″ by Gustav Klimt, Natalie Portman post-buzz, Bjork, Beyonce, Freja Beha, mystery beauty, “Suzanne Bathing” by Tamara de Lempicka.

Who do you think is a super babe? Tell us at

- Anna



April 26, 2013

Party Invite

Thank you to the teams that made our Party Gift Bags amazing. Really, amazing.

WildFox + Cosabella + Tarte + Bumble and Bumble



Meet Olivia Wolfe and Steph Krasnoff. Their shop, American Two Shot is like a castle full of gems. We took an afternoon to shoot these photos – something feels very right about them holding down the block.


Where are you from?

Olivia and Steph: We grew up in Miami

What do you do (for fun, for work, when you’re sad)?

Steph: I’m lucky to have more fun at work than most. I actually make the decision to remove myself from the store when it’s time to stop having fun and get a few things done. i don’t usually get sad unless it’s Sunday. I have a chronic case of Sunday blues. Sometimes I try to prevent it with plans, and other times I just let it happen. But it’s finally  bike weather – it’s really hard to be sad when you’re on a bike, even on Sundays.

Olivia: Work and fun are all one big blur now because I get to work with a bunch of things that make me very happy – friends, music, art, clothes, books. I feel challenged but not overwhelmed on a daily basis, and the times I do feel overwhelmed are the closest I come to feeling sad. The only thing that will make me actually feel sad is the loss of a good friend or family member, even if I just miss them alot, but anything outside of that is really just me being overwhelmed or tired. Or hungry.

Steph 1

Where do you live? Tell me about the idea of home.

S: I live in the heart of chinatown but I definitely don’t think of my apartment as “home.” It’s just somewhere I sleep and do laundry. New York is my home. I may move around a bit but this city is where I want to be and what I miss when I’m gone.

O: I live two blocks from [American Two Shot]. My idea of home is my family, always. My mom especially.

How do you dance? What music makes you dance no matter what?

S: Miami roots run deep, i <3 to get down. 90s hip hop is my go-to but ultimately Uncle Al – Mix It Up will make me dance, no matter what.

O: I’m that girl that walks into the club dancing. Hip hop and rock n’ roll from the 50′s and 60′s make me dance no matter what (Chuck Berry, Chubby Checker, etc).

When did a recent dream come true?

S: I never dreamed  the things we’re accomplishing right now with ATS – I’ve somehow managed to exceed my dreams. You’d better believe I’m dreaming bigger now.

O: I’ve been writing and recording music with one of my best friends. From ages six to thirteen I was pretty sure I was going to be a singer and/or FBI agent, so I’m crossing one of those off the list.


Who do you love (go in any direction with this or even tell me what you think of love)?

S: I love my friends a lot. I’ve learned from them, leaned on them, gained support from them, and been overwhelmingly inspired by them. I hope they feel the same about me. And a shout out to my parents, they get some love too.

O: I love about 20 people i think. Most of them love me back, some of them don’t. I’m ok with that.

How did you meet?

Steph and Olivia: We met in middle school in Miami.


S: It must have been my first day of middle school and the whole class was in the locker room for P.E. I didn’t actually meet Olivia then but I noticed her hair and was really jealous, I still am. I tell her she has pizza hair – even when it’s bad, it’s so good.

O: My first memory of Steph is noticing a necklace she was wearing. I spotted it on her neck in social studies sitting behind her and was jealous because those type of chains were really cool and my mom wouldn’t let me get one. =/

 Photos and Interview by Jen

The Beautiful Extras 3

April 23, 2013

Picture 5

 Anna’s Pup

Picture 25

The Westway – Summertime

Picture 7

Chelsea in Costa Rica


April 20, 2013

Picture 8


April 19th, 2013.


I know this girl, Erica. We dated boys who were good friends. About six years has gone by and the only thing still the same about us… We are still friends.

I hijacked her jewelry, ROBBIE SIMON – grabbed Tessa, Natasha and Mason and went to Chinatown with a camera. These are my favorite shots.








GIRL SERIES 2 – Kristi and Cara

Meet Kristi Garced and Cara Sheffler. Friends and writers, these two are striking and interesting. I met them both on different occasions in different circumstances and was happy to discover they are good friends.


Where are you from?

Kristi: I was born to a Puerto Rican dad and an Italian/Syrian mom in the suburbs of New Jersey. My dad spotted my mom at a bar and followed her home in his car. Luckily, she started dating him instead of filing a restraining order. I loved growing up there. There’s still a swingset and a 15-foot trampoline in my parents’ backyard — I mean, how could I not? And then I loved leaving.

Cara: A semi-mythical place called New Jersey. You take the first right off the GW Bridge and exit the Palisades Parkway just before the New York State/Rockland County border. I spent my entire childhood scheming to leave New Jersey, but now that I live in Manhattan, I love having a two-stoplight town to visit – it’s like owning a country home without the taxes.

What do you do (for fun, for work, when you’re sad)?

K: For work: editor/reporter at WWD. For fun: all the usual stuff, plus puppies and ice cream. For sadness: laughter as a coping mechanism. I remember one of Terry Teachout’s columns for WSJ in which he posited that absurdity and sorrow are often woven together too tightly to be teased apart. Laughing is the best fucking thing in the world. For tragedies too great to be reduced to comedy, a Pisco sour at Bemelmans Bar can cure most ailments.

C: As a freelance writer, I tend to be more sure of my routine than the motivations behind any of my actions (which is probably why I need to stick to a routine).

In what gaps that schedule provides, I work on my own writing and edit Works & Days, a quarterly of new work that I started with two friends last year. Current writing projects include Our Trespasses, a piece about the Donner Party and writing the libretto for Luke Cissell’s operatic adaptation of The Ambassadors.


Where do you live? Tell me about the idea of home.

K: I live above one of downtown Manhattan’s hellish intersections, so I wanted my home to reflect a more calming vibe: clean, white, minimal. More broadly, home is wherever you can be loved and accepted for exactly who you are and dance in your underwear.

C: My apartment is the only one I have ever had in New York City; I moved in two weeks before I graduated from college. It is a rent-stabilized haven plastered with friends’ artwork; the place has hosted so many extended house guests and happy memories that it has become an unlikely island of domestic stability amongst my more itinerant friends.

How do you dance? What music makes you dance no matter what?

K: See above.

C: Constantly and hopelessly. At my most enthusiastic, I remove all the furniture from my living room. As for what gets me out on the dance floor, there’s something to be said about a guy who can properly dip you…

When did a recent dream come true?

K: In the most recent dream I can recall, I had a pet finger monkey (that is, a pygmy marmoset) and it was running rampant inside of my apartment. Still waiting for that one to manifest itself, though I hear those things are pretty high-maintenance.

C: The opening of the Broadway-Lafayette uptown transfer to the 6 train.


Who do you love? Go in any direction with this or even tell me what you think of love.

K: Honest, compassionate, open-minded, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda folk.

C: I have always been undeservedly lucky with the friends and family in my life, but this past year has been one filled with collaborations. I’ve felt incredibly privileged to publish the work, and I have curated for Works & Days over the past 18 months. To quote Werner Herzog on the matter, “I only know that the work of great poets and artists does not change the course of my life. But it makes it better.”

How did you meet?

K: Cara and I met at a bar in SoHo, but we didn’t start hanging out until years later when we realized we live two blocks apart. It’s so nice to have a friendship where it’s like, “Hey, want to get a drink?” – “Sure, meet you downstairs on the corner in five.”

C: Through having mutual friends, mutual bars, and strikingly similar hair.  Oh, and we’re neighbors!

Photos and Interview by Jen

Beautiful Extras 2

April 12, 2013

Picture 10


Picture 9

Girl I don’t know on Bond Street.

Picture 13




April 11, 2013

Karalaine Stemle is a woman I know by way of boys I know.

Kara has lived in New York City for ten years and for most of this time, she has been a waitress.  I asked, “What interests you?” And by her answer I understood that the drive toward greatness develops from her heart. She’s put everything into her relationships – with every boyfriend came a new situation that she committed to 100%. Kara began at Coffee Shop in 2003. Next came Cafe Noir, The Box, Boom Boom, Lasso, Lovely Day…

I admire anyone who does what they do well.

These photos are important to me. I’d like to honor Kara and the job.


Where are you from?

“I’m from a real small city in ‘Kentuckiana’ called New Albany.  It’s a tobacco town.”


Coffee Shop – Union Square
Who do you love? (go in any direction with this or even tell me what you think of love).
“I love The Walkmen.  I love Shelia Heti.  I love the strange Chinese man that lives in my building who I’ve never actually spoken with but his smiles say everything.  I love my friends.  *And especially a guy named Carlos.”


Lasso – Nolita
What do you do – for fun, for work, when you’re sad?
“Right now I’m mainly waiting for the  beachable days to finally roll around.”

Where do you live? Tell me about the idea of home.

“I live on Allen and Delancey.  Pretty convinced my apartment is haunted.  Wonderin’ where I can get my hands on a Ouija board…”

How do you dance? What music makes you dance no matter what?

“How do I dance?  I dubstep!”


Cafe Noir – SoHo
When did a recent dream come true?
“For me I suppose a dream comes true only when I very least expect it.”
Photos and Interview by Jen
Boss Ladies

April 8, 2013


Here at Girls I Know, Jen and I like to talk about/feature a wide array of women because inspiration doesn’t always just come from The Top. That being said, the top chicks have been stirring up a lot of attention lately in the media stratosphere:  Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, Anne-Marie Slaughter’s thoughts on still not having it all (and its backlash), Marissa Myer’s aversion to the word “feminism,” Beyonce’s undeclared feminist standpoint, and Hillary Clinton’s potential presidency run.

A Power Woman is easy to spot – she has an acronym title, wears expensive shoes, and asserts a particular outward almost-friendliness (as in, good handshake). I have always admired this woman that strategically navigates her professional and personal life because I am a big fan of compartmentalization but Ann Friedman’s article in NYMag asks some great questions about how this looks to the younger generation.

Mentors are important! Think about the women you admire and then think about the women that might admire you someday. Times are changing/have changed and not only is it easier to be a top tier professional woman, it’s also easier to talk about it. So whatever you end up doing, talk about it! Power doesn’t have to be cold and your teachers weren’t wrong when they said “there’s no such thing as a bad question.”

I’d love to hear what you’d like to ask these women! Email me here

- Anna

The Beach is Soon

April 8th, 2013

THECOLLAGEJackie Steele in Boston. Alaskan postcard. Zodiac symbol translator gifted by taxi driver circa 2009. Slim Aarons iconic photograph. Gordon Stevenson’s hearts and rockets. Blue pavement near an estate in Yonkers.

Take a Letter

April 5th, 2013

Picture 5

This is an old envelope I have saved. Writing letters can be therapeutic and are mostly underrated. I suggest giving it a go. Perhaps you’ll write to yourself?

I have corresponded with my father by hand-written letter for nearly 10 years. He has saved them all – I’m sure it’s a flowery array of apartments, boyfriends, jobs and adventure. I’m glad I told somebody!

Send us your letters

- Jen

Jay DeFeo

April 4, 2013


DeFeo working on “The Rose.” Photo by Burt Glinn

Because it doesn’t come naturally to me, I have a deep admiration for people who can dedicate themselves to one task or job for a very long period of time – I am much more productive when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, you know? So, I have a new found respect for Jay DeFeo. Her painting, “The Rose,” took eight years of cultivation. She just kept coming back to this 12-foot masterpiece, year after year, until it ended up weighing almost a ton and was in some places eight inches thick with oil paint.

The New York Times calls it her “Sisyphean act of self-editing,” an eternally repetitive process resulting in a really pivotal piece of art. That “The Rose” is admired for the work put into it as much as for the way it looks and what it adds to the hefty contemporary art catalog is impressive. I am in total awe of her timeless obsession to make the perfect painting because I would get distracted two hours in.

I highly recommend seeing Jay DeFeo’s show at The Whitney. Admire “The Rose” and her other works of obsession incarnate rendered in charcoal, pencil, paint, and photography (the women knew few bounds). It’s up until June 2!

- Anna


rosedefeo the rose

< Spring Demin >

April 4th, 2013


In keeping with favorites, I’ve built a small collage of Spring 2013 jeans and denim pieces. All are available now! The denim market usually keeps me very interested in the changing movement of fashion as a whole and is my favorite market to cover. These jams are only a few of the best pieces the season has to offer.

Current Elliott – Off white and cropped, the stiletto lowrise. $258 And… the freshman tee. (sooo good) $118

Goldsign – Best print. $248

MIH – The sexier boyfriend option. $249

Cheap Monday – Nice gray. $75

Paige – Good black with just enough embellishment. $229

Mother Denim – White wash! Rad white denim jacket. $220

Citizens of Humanity – Overrrrallls! $297

- Jen


April 2, 2013


This was a gift. Helmut Newton’s iconic photos of women are compelling to look at – the images evoke a range of feelings. Female sexuality and the dynamic between sex and power are a consistent focus; hard bodies, soft bodies, collarbones, breasts; all very idyllic of woman.  When I finish looking through I often feel both turned on and turned off by the images.


I like this woman and her shadow. I am very curious what she may have been thinking.

- Jen

Tilda Swinton x David Bowie = Magic

March 26, 2013

GrabberRaster 0011.JPG

Do you like Tilda? Do you like Bowie? I love them both. It’s like they represent this higher state of being, like they’re aliens that exist to awe regular humans by breaking every barrier you can think of – music, movies, art, fashion, all of it.

That being said look at this music video they made TOGETHER for Bowie’s song “The Stars (Are Out Tonight).” So cool, so weird, so great.

- Anna

Meanwhile… Uptown.

March 26, 2013


This past Wednesday evening, I spent time with a group of very New York, very special women to celebrate a baby girl.

My friend, Rebecca is expecting her daughter to arrive this May. In the photo above you will find her mother, Nancy – she is there in the center.

 La Grenouille

- Jen

Saturdays Magazine Issue 2
March  26, 2013
Picture 8
We love the boys and girls of Saturdays. A haven of chill vibes in the middle of crazy Soho, cute bros and babes are always hanging around drinking good coffee and wearing nice sunglasses. It’s hard to find a more tight knit culture than those of surfing and skating but Saturdays has managed to find a balance between exclusivity and familiarity. The launch of their second magazine issue has really driven this home – mashing together a big brain map of everything from architecture to surf, the hefty no-ad mag is beautiful photos, people, and ideas cover to cover.
I seriously suggest getting lost in a copy – Vincent Cassel talks about how much he loves surfing, Christo talks about wrapping stuff, models (boys and girls) show off their beach bods, and of course there’s a lot more about skating and surfing that I am under-qualified to talk about! See: balance.
Pre-oder Saturdays Issue 2 here!
- Anna



Christo gesticulates


Brucer Weber turns surf boys into models

Skyla + John

March 25, 2013


Dream Lover.

Springtime with Skyla and her love at Forgtmenot on Division Street.


Ladies of the Senate

March 25th

On March 21st The New York Times published an article, Once Few, Women Hold More Power in Senate.

This was an exciting article to read. I was very happy when, upon entering his second term, Obama selected Tammy Baldwin, a Wisconsin Democrat to the United States Senate. Recalling my first opportunity to vote for Baldwin, I remember an uproar was made by the fact that she was a lesbian. Frankly and honestly, when I heard this news I liked her more.

To begin to fully understand the history of women in the Senate, I took a look at who was first.



The first woman Senator was 87-year-old Rebecca Latimer Felton of Georgia. On October 23, 1922 the Democratic Governor of Georgia Thomas Hardwick appointed Felton to the Senate in hopes of securing his victory in the next election. He wanted to inspire the newly enfranchised women voters of Georgia to be on his side.

His plan failed – although history was made – and Felton hardly had time to hold her post as a new Senator was elected soon after Hardwick. Something I found Felton said about her moment as a Senator, mirrored the first paragraphs of last weeks Times article in mention.

Here are both:

Rebecca Latimer Felton -

“In her address the following day to a capacity audience, the Georgia senator described a cartoon she had received showing the Senate in session. ‘The seats seemed to be fully occupied, and there appeared in the picture the figure of a woman who had evidently entered without sending in her card. The gentlemen in the Senate took the situation variously,’ she continued. ‘Some seemed to be a little bit hysterical, but most of them occupied their time looking at the ceiling,’ without offering the newcomer a seat. Felton concluded with the following prediction. ‘When the women of the country come in and sit with you, though there may be but very few in the next few years, I pledge you that you will get ability, you will get integrity of purpose, you will get exalted patriotism, and you will get unstinted usefulness.’”

New York Times Article – Once Few, Women Hold More Power in Senate – MARCH 21ST, 2013 By

WASHINGTON — An hour before her colleagues gathered for their first vote of a new Congress, Senator Kelly Ayotte slipped into an empty Senate chamber to savor the grandeur of her legislative home. As Ms. Ayotte, a freshman Republican from New Hampshire, sat down at the wooden desk where generations of lawmakers from her state had cast their votes, a doorman marched toward her with purpose.

The desks, he sternly told her, were for senators only.

Ms. Ayotte’s induction that January day in 2011 into the most rarefied ranks of the nation’s political class — female senators — had begun. “The desk thing really stuck with me,” Ms. Ayotte said. “There still just aren’t that many of us.”

Get there girls.

- Jen

Mary Lynn and Jim Croce

March 25th, 2013


Mary Lynn with Jackie

My Grandmother Mary Lynn and her brothers would sing and play guitar often. I was still young when I started paying attention. One of my favorite songs they did was You Don’t Mess Around with Jim by Jim Croce. I remember watching my Grandmother close her eyes so tightly when she sang that I feared with all the mascara she wore, her eyes wouldn’t open again.

My Grandmother raised me, she is originally from the south side of Chicago and currently lives in Wisconsin. I want to know about your Grandma so do tell:

- Jen


The Beautiful Extras

March 21, 2013


 Fashion Intern steaming clothes at MILK STUDIOS


Heather Tierney’s greenery from Flower Girl at The Butcher’s Daughter


Jill Collins in the snowfall of March

Tony’s Lips

March 21, 2013


Tony Glenville just released his latest book, New Icons of Fashion Illustration. The images cut straight to the beauty of fashion and the girl who carries it well. Emotion resonates from his illustrations and the images challenge you to never forget them.


Ocean Test

March 20, 2013


I found my stylist book yesterday. This is one of my favorite photos from the book. Shot with Theresa Matthais and Nadav Benjamin.

- Jen

Vanity Fair – March Issue

March 20th, 2013

Picture 16

March is nearing an end and thankfully so, Spring is flirting with us.

From Vanity Fair’s March 2013 issue I loved this photo of Bo Derek. I thought you might also – you can tell I carried it with me for a few days.

Enjoy your day and maybe look here if you want to see more from this issue.


A New Director

March 19th, 2013


preenvena                                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Phil Oh

Aya Kanai is the new Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan.

I’m excited, let’s see what happens.

- Jen

Isabel Marant is Very Cool

March 19, 2013


Isabel Marant by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Read this great article about Isabel Marant. If you’re this cool, this nonchalant, and this confident in your taste then not a bad word can be said about you.  Marant is the Queen of the Parisian cool girl look, balancing bohemian comfort with beautiful materials and some inexplicable ingredient that is sexy without showing a lot (I think it’s “mystery,” but I’m not sure). She’s smart, charming, funny and her priority list is not topped with “MAKE MONEY” which is always a refreshing thing to hear.

In the article Marant says, “It’s true that I am my own muse. I don’t like this word but when I studied fashion at Studio Berçot the director said, “You shouldn’t want others to wear things that you won’t wear yourself,” and that’s something that never left me.”

“Write what you know,” is a saying thrown around all the time in writing schools. Two lessons in different areas of study  that tell you that the path to success  is finding what makes you you and sticking to it. Something to think about!

- Anna


Isabel Marant by François Coquerel (


Marant shot by Paola Kudacki and Mary McCartney (


A look from the Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection (

IMSS13 1

A look from the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection (

Barbara Nessim

March 14th, 2013



I met a woman on Tuesday named Annie. We had a chat about women in publishing and she brought up Barbara Nessim. This book by Barbara is for sale here now. I will write more about both Annie and Barbara soon, until then take a look at this gorgeous book.

I’d like to be this star girl.

 - Jen

Theory 38

March 2013, Meatpacking District.


This is Tessa.

Tessa is one of only two designers for Theory 38.  In it’s first season, Spring 2013 many of us are excited because this new collection for Theory is sporty, sexy and also very chic, three components usually complicated  to cultivate at once.

Yesterday, I met Tessa at 38 Gansevoort and we had a look.

- Jen

International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2013


 Photo by Bob Adelman

On this important day for women we launch the Journal section of GIRLS I KNOW,  ”Lovers”

This year, the International Women’s Day UN theme is “A Promise is a Promise: Time for Action to End Violence Against Women.” Our eyes have widened upon hearing world news related to violence against women and this year was especially difficult to comprehend.

A tribute to women who have overcome incredible odds and very boldly made their voices heard, International Women’s Day is a day for the whole world to celebrate the achievement and advancement of women economically, socially and politically.

Read and know more about today, here and here.

- Jen

Louise Bourgeois at

Louise Bourgeois by Nanda Lanfranco 2003.

Louise Bourgeois is  a Girl I really wish I Knew. Working until the very end of her 98 years, she pushed a lot of boundaries for artists as a woman, as a creative mind, and as someone obsessed with the psychoanalytical properties of creation.

MoMA has installed Louise Bourgeois: The Complete Prints & Books where you can school yourself on her biography, print-making phase, and check out high-res images of her amazing work. Rife with good quotes for your Facebook page or real life (“Art is a guarantee of sanity” or “These works do not illustrate… they are an exorcism… That is what I am after… to dig and reveal”), the site is a good, educational way to lose some hours on the internet.  Heavy and incredible!


LB Girl Falling

Girl Falling, 1993

Bourgeois, Louise

Spider, from the illustrated book, He Disappeared into Complete Silence. 2001–02

Read Me

Mercury is still in retrograde so it’s a great time to read. Badaboom.  Here are some books Anna and I have enjoyed very much.

- Jen + Anna


Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Truman Capote

For some reason, I’ve been gifted Breakfast at Tiffany’s three times.


The Bhagavad Gita, Eknath Easvaran

A must read in the the yoga teacher training curriculum. This book is a cornerstone aid to overcoming some of life’s most challenging afflictions and addictions and how to understand journey.


Our Nig: or Sketches form the Life of a Free Black, Harriet E. Wilson

An incredibly telling and special book.


White Teeth, Zadie Smith

A very rich novel about how complicated family is.  Easy to relate to!


Ada or Arbor: A Family Chronicle, Vladimir Nabokov

Read this book if you’ve ever felt unsure about what love or a perfect sentence is.  It will clarify everything.


Nickled and Dimed, Barabra Ehrenreich

An excellent read, especially if you can relate.


The Rum Diary, Hunter S. Thompson

Puerto Rico, my friend.


Nights at the Circus, Angela Carter

Fun, funny, smart and magical (actually) Angela Carter reinvents the template of legends to make room for girls!




Kim McCarty Studio Visit

Hey, I interviewed the artist Kim McCarty about her beautiful watercolors for the Opening Ceremony blog! Read what she has to say about the inconsistencies of her medium, the difference between LA and NY, and what happened to macho art here.

- Anna


















R29 INSTAGRAM SERIES / Market work and styling

Picture 7

Spring Break

Picture 8


Picture 9

Pastel / Easter

Picture 10

Earth Day / Eco-Friendly

Flat Styling / Cosmopolitan Magazine

Picture 20

Test Beauty / Photographer Anna Wolf

Picture 17



Actress Raye / Model Spencer / Summer test







Test / Photographer – Sam Crawford




Flowers with Photographer Pippa Drummond





Levi’s x R29 Advertorial




Test / Photographer Alexa Miller


120807_pia_0568   120807_pia_1035










Picture 4

Picture 5 Picture 6

Picture 7 Picture 8




Picture 9 Picture 10 Picture 11


Styled Portraits – NYC Girls

Picture 13

Jessemey – Model








Skyla Stover





Guys / Celeb



b680znash0i9-2    PageImage-518477-4607675-F_022010_032




Zuzannah and Zoe in Tulum

February 2012, Tulum.

The word love is often tossed about and sometimes that’s ok.  Here in the “Lovers” section of GIRLS I KNOW we created a forum to pocket all of that adoration. Coming soon, we will share news, links and information about the goings on of those we consider lovers. All of this shaking down in NYC.